Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a few randomitities

yep. its that word again. notice how I use it when I am lacking creative titles? it couldn't be that our lives are always random?. no way.
------so lots going on... the weather has finally gotten nice here in Indiana! 2 weekends ago I was out in my yard getting it all cleaned up and ready for the bits of green sprouts to start taking over! I can. not. wait! I actually get giddy this time of year and have officially changed my favorite season from fall to spring. I got my first pedicure of the year, and some new fun flops. ( i live in these all summer long.. could be why my feet have expanded and my heels are one mega callus.
anywho.. its fun, and I love hearing the birds sing and the airplanes buzz overhead.
Tatum is having a ball too, as this is all new to her. We have realized that she is lightening fast and also a dare devil. nothing at all like her older brother. I have a feeling this is going to be the summer I actually go buy one of those kid leashes. Oh, my goodness, did I really say that?
Ok, I would never put my child on a leash, but we'll have to put the smack down on boundaries quickly!
Brigham is super psyched to get back on his bike, and he is already practicing baseball. We'll sign him up for t-ball in a few weeks. Let the craziness begin.
--------went out for St. Patty's day last night and got carded. Yep! either its a normality to have prego women coming in for an evening that is all about the excess of alcohol consumption, OR the wrinkles on my face are not as visible as they seem, and I still do look 19 years old.
we did have a great time out, and I wish I had brought my camera. It was amazing to see the time and effort that people put forth in their Irish gear!
---Thought the kindergarten decision was a done deal. now there is a petition (of sorts) getting started to create a single half day class. While I am ok, with pulling him of an all day classroom, this would be more ideal. They need to have 20 kids, and so far they have several parents leaning this way.. not sure the number, but it could happen, as a few moms put the pressure on the principal of the school.
Truthfully, I would be ok, with sending him to all day kindergarten, but we're not sure that the teachers could handle him that long!! Plus, I am slightly hoping that he will get tired out from longer 5 days a week, and therefore take naps along with Tatum and his new sibling.
------Brigham was helper of the day today. It cracks me up the things the kids take for show and tell. Today was a stuffed parrot , that I got at Oriental Trading last summer for his jungle party. He just found it tucked away in the closet last week, and it has now become his favorite thing! I made some yummy 'fruity pebbles' rice krispie treats last night around midnight, while my husband continued the festivities in our living room.
If you haven't tried making them.. they are heavenly (in a non chocolate sort of way!).I am so glad I made extras.. as this un born babe has a definite sweet tooth.. lol.
---here are some pics from a quick photo shoot I did with Tatum. Found the wings and tutu at Michael's.. not the greatest, but it was super cheap(money wise) and I wanted to see how she would do . I actually am wanting to get her a peti skirt for her birthday session. I am still waiting on my new back drop and seamless papers to arrive, so I pulled out my mega hunk of white fabric.. threw it in the dryer and once I started editing, realized that the wrinkles show up pretty good. which makes these pictures pretty bad. =(... so instead of these being used in some marketing, they're going to scrapped up. I still think they are uber cute.

---got my spring marketing whipped up and ordered, and will hopefully get them sent out early next week. I'll post a sample soon. Hoping that with this nicer weather, people will want to get out and I can not wait til' the color starts popping up!
----oh, yeah... I totally know that there a bunch of you that read my blog regularly.. but you never comment. So here is a challenge.. the next time you stop by leave me a comment.. tell me hi, and how you came across my blog. For my next 3 posts, I'll take all the comments.. put them in a drawing for a super cool prize. don't know what that is yet.. but it WILL be super cool.
have a fantastic day!


Nicole said...

So glad you are enjoying this gorgeous spring weather - we are too! Your little girl is beautiful - love the pix. Chat soon friend!

J said...

OH that fifth one of her with her fingers in her cute!

(Don't ask why when I post it says it's from "J"..Brad made a gmail account and now it says that)


Ann said...

Love the pics of Tatum! Patrick wants to get some pro pictures, so maybe we'll need to figure something out with you.

As far as how we found your blog...we googled "RVC blog" and got a hit with you!

Henry is in all day K and is doing great--though our district only offers all day, and we don't have to pay extra. Yesterday he brought home "Freckle Juice" by Judy Blume for his reading assignment!

The Rock Star said...

I found your blog long ago. Could not tell you how...

See you Sunday!

The Rock Star said...

I have known of the blog for a long time through what was an RVC person.

See ya Sunday!

Emily said...

I love the pictures! Kid leashes . . . they aren't so bad. LOL We seriously have said that we need one for Vincent too.

Anonymous said...

Hello ms. Elizabeth

I love love love the pics of Tater, her hair is getting so long and she's turning into a such a beautiful little girl! (as opposed to a cute little baby lol, she's always been beautiful!)

I love coming by here to see pics of you and the kiddos...they grow so fast and you change your hair color (love the pink!) so often I need to read about you and see pics....I was telling Grandma all about you guys a couple of weeks ago and she was mad that I knew more than she did! lol but she could never get in on this technology, she was astounded that I was sending text messages on my phone lol...I love our grandma, she's so awesome!!

ok, well now that I've left you a book I'll stop and get back to what I should be doing and let you do the same :)

Love always,
Cousin Hannah

Janette said...

Hey Sunshine,

You are rocking your camera!!!! Your daughter is growing up so fast. Good thing you have another one on the way. Hope you are feeling good!

Happy spring my friend! =)

P.S. I am so far behind with blogs. BUT I did find a way to upload my flickr photos to my blog. Now I can kill two birds with one stone. don't worry I won't really kill a bird! =)

Kim said...

The pictures of Tatum are precious! Love them!

Brandi said...

Great pics! And I don't think the wrinkles look bad at all actually! I wish Drew would sit still for photos still--Oh well! I have a new "victim" coming soon! LOL!

Lisa T. Howard said...

Great job on the photos! The wrinkles are soooo a non-issue for me...Tatum steals the show! As for how I found you, I don't even know. Just doing a bit of blog hopping and came upon ya! Like you said, we have several mutual blog friends so I'm sure it was through one of them. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. I try to always at least say hi when I stop in on someone. Like them to know I've paid them a visit! Hope you have a great day!


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