Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tagged and caught !!

ok, so lots going on(what's new!).. after I took down the mirror from above the mantel, re positioned it in our guest bathroom(in place of the standard el-cheap-o clip on mirror that came with the house), showed Andrew the new light fixture I had found for above the mirror, and told him of the painting, new hardware, and distressing to the vanity... along with the possibility of having our friend Travis put in new tile on the floor..... THEN, I went into the living room, rearranged the art from one wall, took down the two pieces from another wall(that I have never really liked).. showed him a picture of a new print I want framed for above the mantel, and a gallery wall that I want to create on the other wall he just looked at me and said
"this nesting thing is ridiculous. seriously, honey, you're out of control!! "
He doesn't understand why I want to go around changing things up when they are fine the way they are. well, um.. we've been here for 4 years, and I am getting bored.
just go with me hun.... I am the decorator in the family, remember?
Ok, so I was tagged by Shelly and here are the rules:
(and of course she looked awesome, as usual)!
1. Take a picture of yourself right now. No primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.2. Load the picture onto your blog.3. Tag three people to play. Remember, if you are tagged on another blog, we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.
so I tag.............Heather,(b/c I dare you to do it w/o hair and make up done!! LOL.. I know you're beautiful!)..... Emily, (because you need to show the world your baby bump)..... and Ronda,(b/c I haven't seen your smiley face for a while)

this was me. I came in to the computer, and then had Andrew snap this b/c I had a fixed lens on the camera, and couldn't get it close enough.-we had been out on a great family day. starting with Chuck E Cheese at 10:30 in the morning! We usually avoid that place at all costs.. though Brigham has had 3 birthday parties there recently, and we've had to go. Its udder chaos. bad food. not the cleanliest of facility nor patrons., but we do it for the children right? He loves it. and now his lil' sis is joining in the fun.

so my friend Summer, invited us to a birthday party about a month ago.. yet it was at 9:30 in the morning! I didn't even know they were open at that time! She is a regular at this, and told me the secret of coming there early .

* its totally clean. yep, even the bathrooms had not even been used!

* the salad bar is fresh, and the proper items are still in the proper containers

*you have the entire place to yourself.(at least we did for the first hour and a half) and then only 3 other families showed up.

*Your kids can run wild, and you don't really have to watch them.

* the kids get to play any game they want, (mom and dad can play any game they want) with no lines

*you get to pick up the tickets from all the games, that they tested before they opened.

yep. we scored about 700 tickets(which is far above our normal 22)

so Brig and Tate got to bring home a tad bit cooler piece of crap toy, then they usually pick out!

**disclaimer*** the pizza is still sub par, even at this time of the morning.


but we had fun, and then ran errands, and tired out the kids for looong naps yesterday.

over the weekend I made cookies. and sister got caught!

I walked into the kitchen, just to see this... of course I grabbed my camera, that happened to be on the counter

she was so busted!

and she must have thought the giant lens covering my eyes kept me from seeing her.
she thinks she got away!!

ok...... so those of you that I tagged. GO DO IT!!
and those of you who stopped by.... leave me a comment.
remember this is the 3rd post that I am picking comments from.
next week is the drawing for the uber cool prize!!


Lisa T. Howard said...

Oh. My. Goodness! Lil' Miss Cookie Monster is ADORABLE! That is truly one of the cutest photos I've seen in a long time. I'm smiling from ear to ear. And you, my friend. Well, your photo is quite awesome also. I was tagged in the little game last week. Lots of fun, huh?

Jocelyn said...

What fun pics and look at her blue eyes!!!!! Love these!!!!! What a fun photo of you!!!! Sounds like you have been busy, and yes you need to move things around, it makes for a pretty fresh feel to the rooms!!! I do it all the time and my hubby looks at me like, here she goes again!!! Have a great Tuesday!

Kim said...

I love the pictures of your little Cookie Monster! She is getting so big!!

Ronda Simpson said...

Oh boy! I've been tagged! LOL! I'll have to get on this one! Good to see you again...I'll have to stop by your blog more often. I've been such a bad blogger!

Janette said...

Hello Beautiful, you are looking good!
Sorry I have not been on blogs much these days.
I'm doing more and more photography and less and less blogging and scrapbooking. Mind you I still love to make cards.

I'm getting a new "camera" body in a few weeks. Still Canon but I'm moving up to the 50D. I will keep my old body as backup but I'm ready for a new body now!

I've been asked to work for a wedding photographer as a back-up shooter. BUT I'm not sure yet. It would be nice to learn under someone. BUT I think I would enjoy just having my own little photography business instead. I can pick my own hours etc.

Hope things are going well with yours. HUGS!


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