Wednesday, March 25, 2009

signs of spring !!

yay!! my first little bloom. funny, how I planted a bunch of these crocus bulbs, and so far just one little guy has popped up! I have about 15 bunches of daffodils on the verge of opening up any day! I can not wait!! and we are finally in the 60's every day! this was Tatum after church on Sunday.. we went to grab Subway and then headed outside....
and Brigham on his bike.. he still isn't too thrilled about it! Though his little sister not only constantly stands at the front door and says "go side"... , but after she gets outside, runs to the garage and gets "bike"..(a little one that Brigham used at 1-2 yrs), but she also tries to get on Brig's big boy bike!! we are so going to have a little dare devil on our hands with her!

and the NESTING has begun..... the entire garage got swept out, cleaned out, and re organized. AHHHHHH. such visual peace.. I LOVE it!! this weekend we are heading to Menard's to pick up one of those big plastic storage benches for toys(sports equipment). I got a bunch of little plastic boxes and lids and put them on the shelves, so that everything has a place. I would love to put down tile floor and paint the walls... but I suppose I have to have limits.. LOL
I did however, paint my front door!
It used to be a duller, more Mulberry color, and I wanted it to POP, so we went with this red color!
don't mind the streaks though...
(it still wasn't dry when I took the pics)

and in preparation for our newest arrival, we are having to reorganize the kids room... meaning switching out the changing table /dresser from Brigham's room, into Tatum's room, and getting him a new dresser. We did some furniture shopping 2 weeks ago, and as we did find the dresser for his room, we also found a new bed for our room!
We've been looking for a few years, but never find exactly what I want.. and for the right price.
this had both =)
My hope is that in the next house, everything in our master bed/bath rooms will become the guest room. I love the cottage-y feel to it, and how everything matches so well.
and plus, the fact that I already have decorating ideas for our new master bedroom!!

and this adorable thing showed up in my mail box over the weekend! so cute, and thanks to a uber talented 'pea' on the photography side of 2-peas, who so kindly made it for Tatum's nursery. thanks Heather!

oh, and the nesting(spring cleaning..) continues.. I am taking all my albums and converting them from strap hinge into 3 ring binder types. The ones I like best are American Crafts.
It is so much easier since, I scrap in such a random order. I can just put them in a sleeve, and flip to where I need to insert the page. easy peasy!
I am using pink and green for Tatum.

and red, blue, black for Brigham!

So I totally love hearing from you all!! I am so glad to 'know' who is checking out my blog! I still know there is a whole bunch of you that didn't speak up.. so here is your chance. You can comment on this post, and I'll do another one soon too.
The more you comment, the more you get entered into the drawing....which will happen right before Easter.
so I know I haven't revealed the prize... but it will include chocolate for sure!!


J said...

LOVE a red door..we had one at our old house..

Love the ring albums..did you find some at TM?

Such a cute little gift you got in the mail! Lucky you!

Happy Spring!

Heather Crawford

Lisa T. Howard said...

Lots of similarities between us. I not only love red doors, but MY door is also red! Cottage style is one of my favorite ways to comfy looking. And I had to give up on strap hinge albums long ago...LOVE 3-ring albums. Where we don't exactly line up with this post is I am sooooo not into the nesting phase. lol! Actually, I would love to be, but I'm just not motivated enough! BTW, you have adorable children!!!

Emily said...

So I think Tatum and Vincent sound just alike when it comes to going outside and being little dare devils. Bless their hearts!!

I too love all the green and the signs of new life. It is so exciting and your yard is already looking beautiful. I can't wait for the colors!!

(by the way . . . I also love Tatum's dress)

Jocelyn said...

I am new to your Blog, but I adore it!!!! Love the red door, want one so bad, but hubby keeps saying we will see!!!! I love the cottage style and 3 ring binders, rock!!! I have just started switching all my albums over!!!!! Please stop by and say HI!!! I just adore meeting new people with a passion for life and paper crafting!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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