Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am so proud

of this guy.

seriously. more than words. sometimes I wonder if other parents feel as much love and adoration towards their kids as I do. because I can't imagine how they could. I thank God every day(sometimes lots of times a day!) for blessing me to me their mama! I mean I am not very grown up myself sometimes. I don't know history.. or spelling, for that matter very well. I can't make decisions. I can't cook very well. {but I CAN BAKE} I am a bit of a control freak. I lose my temper. I don't have patience. I raise my voice (more than i should). but I am so very, very grateful for the three wonderful gifts I have been given.
and this guy. My first born. My amazing 5 year old is living proof that (just maybe) I(we) am doing something ok with him.
We had his teacher conferences last Thursday evening. The first thing the teacher said.. was " you don't know how lucky you are"....

she proceeded to show us his prepared folder.
page 1- your kindergartner could not recognize the numbers circled. NOTHING circled
page 2-your kindergartner could not recognize the letters circled. NOTHING circled.
page 3-identifying colors- CHECK.
page 4 - identifying shapes-CHECK.
then it came to the DIBELS testing SCORES:
for initial sounds fluency.. the goal was 8.. and he scored a 21
for letter naming fluency... the goal was 8.. and he scored a 46.

for counting... the goal was 60.. he counted to 72 (and then they stopped him)
number identification... the goal was 20 and he got a 33... (though I don't really remember what that meant! LOL)
quantity discrimination .. the goal was 10... and he got 20.
reading level was an E... um... the goal was a B.

she said that he is by far the BEST reader that she has in the class. actually she said "he is so quiet, that for the first few weeks I never knew he could read"..
I guess she would ask the class questions about books or things she wrote, and he would never answer.
little stinker was getting it alright.. just not wanting to answer out loud.
so she says she has to go to the library to get books that will challenge him, b/c the class room library doesn't have any.
she also said he has been sent to IDEA class a couple of times, but she is asking that they take him every time they pull students out.
She already was telling us about the 'gifted' class that he would be in next year.
and I start thinking....
(oh.. no!- my kid is a nerd!!! .. well, he takes after his father.... lol) guess I should be proud.. I AM. but we are definitely going to keep him in sports so he is well rounded.
We had to laugh at the comment about him being so quiet! seriously, did she have the same kid in class that we have at home!
he is definitely a social butterfly. and very creative.
in fact while in Colorado, he decided on his career choice aspirations.
to be an artist.
a janitor.
he was so sweet as he asked "mom, could I be both ?"

um, yeah.. honey you'll probably have to be one to support the other ! ha! dream on kid. dream on. never stop dreamin' !!
I *LOVE* it !!

his teacher also raved about what a kind boy he is to his classmates. how much he helps them with their work, and shows them how to do things. he is coming home each day talking up a storm, about what he did..what kid got in trouble... what they had for snack... what he did at recess.. who he played with..who said a bad word..
today, I was waiting for him at the bus stop and when the bus pulled up... he hopped off and full sprinted towards me.. arms held out wide and leaped into my arms.
big ol' kindergartner hug. I * LOVE* it !! and then he grabbed my hand and we walked home.

I am sooo glad that I submitted to my husband and gave up control (in this area) and let Brig go to full day school. and ride the bus.
I know this has been a big lesson in trust. and I trust Him to watch over my baby.


kels said...

this makes me so happy!! you ARE blessed to have such beautiful awesome children!! and i miss seeing them at life group every week! haha

Heather Crawford said...

Awww, you do have a special little boy there! Awesome that he is doing so well in school! and STOP with the nerd stuff..be glad he is doing so awesome! Sports can come later!


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