Monday, October 26, 2009

it has made its way to my house....

and I am the only one that got it.
the killer sore throat. splitting headache. chills. cough. aches.. etc.

My amazing husband went to the store at 2am last night to get the essential remedies. I slept in late, while he watched the kids... and now I am trying to figure out the day.

Was supposed to have a play date this morning, and I am really sad to have to miss out.. Brig is off school for fall break today, so I had wanted us to all do something FUN !!

But all I really want to do is cuddle under the heaps of blankets and sip my tea. At least there will be no yelling in my house(by me anyway.. lol) ! that is a good thing!!

On an up note, I did have a great weekend, UNTIL about 10pm last night.. lol

*had a family movie night Friday with pizza and popcorn and Night at the Museum part 2
* had photo sessions on Saturday, while Andrew went to the PU football game (which we won. YAY!)
* had a date night with Andrew Sat, (was supposed to be a double date with our friends Scott and Emily, but we were both late, and missed each other).. so we ended up having separate date nights.. lol.. which was all good !
Andrew and I saw Couples Retreat.. and LOVED it! It was so good. Cute. Funny. and definitely a LOT of eye candy.. for both he and I .. lol
then we went to Kohls, and A got me 3 cute new shirts.. one of them was only $6 !!
and then we went to the Irish Pub for a late dinner. I got my fave chic salad sand.. and splurged on their shamrock pie. DElish..(if you're local.. you must try it! =)
and all three kids were at gmas.. so we finished our date night at home .. lol
*Sunday we drove to Indianapolis for the 2peas IN shoot out! Met at the circle, and then all of us just went nuts shooting various things and each other's models. It was great to meet all of my online friends IRL. can't wait to edit them and post .. but it will be awhile.. as I am getting bombarded with photos from sessions to edit.. (but its a good thing =)
* and then I had a super family session to round out the weekend. Can NOT wait to start in on editing these.. they are so cute!

... and now friends.. back to my sick self.. seriously.. I am just going to go to back to bed. ( and I hate HATE doing that, when I have so much do to.).
I want to be well enough to go to MOPS tomorrow.
so if you read this.. please send your healing vibes to me.. and pray that the sickies stop their infestation with me. I would hate for my kiddos to catch it !!

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Emily said...

I'm so sorry you are sick and that we missed our double date!! We'll have to try again sometime soon!

The sickness has also hit our house. Noah is running a high fever etc . . . Poor kid!! He handles fever much better than I do. I hope the other two kids stay sick free!! Take care!!


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