Sunday, January 17, 2010

there is still snow on the ground...

so technically, its still Christmas right? for the few days before Dec 25th, several of my friends' children were asking if it was Christmas, simply because we got an early snow. and to a 3, 4, 5, 10 year old... snow = Christmas.
the above picture proves that the fat guy did in fact visit our house. cookies were nibbled on, and
we awoke to find our living room overflowing with red and green wrappings. and then some.
and the stockings that were so carefully hung, were now busting at the seams, thanks to St. Nick's having come.
Brig tears into a very LOUD toy... its a world map.. gives all kinds of info/history on each state. very cool. he loves stuff like this. I just wish that Santa would have added a volume button to this one.. lol

and TaTa and her Mrs. Potato Head.. and Brig of course got a Mr. one as well.
We actually had a set of vegi heads back from Brig's second birthday, but the pieces get all over, so Santa was smart and added a little pocket in the potato booty to contain all the parts. =)
finger paints... ahhhhhh. these go along with the many play doh containers and the Cocoa Nutty Monkey play doh machine the kids got. Santa delivered these to teach mama a lesson in patience.
just sayin'....
and sweet Beckham... he was all smiles during the whole hustle and bustle of Christmas morning... all he really cared about was chillin' chillin' and eatin' paper.
lots of fiber... and his diapers thanked us later =)
Brigham was thrilled to get a Junie B Jones book. Parents , if you have not read these before.. GO get them. hilarious books about a little kindergartner. warning. she has terrible grammar.. which our 5 year old points out all. the. time.
Tatum got her my little pony and has been taking very good care of her.
these pictures got out of order, but that's kinda how our Christmas day rolled. not much order. just a lot of fun and play. so here is Miss T with grandma and her new fancy shoes.

and Brigham being his sweet, sweet self. Notice the kids in their match jammies? Grandma always gets the kids matching Christmas jammies to open on Christmas eve. However they look super cute in the morning pictures, but then when they are still wearing their red and green santa and rein deers in February, its a tad weird. kinda like wearing your high school sports t-shirts , when you're in college. yeah. that is weird.
well, for me,b/c I am a bit anal when it comes to things like this. So when grandma said she found 3 sets of non- traditional Christmas matching jammies with animals. I said YES, Please! =)
my poor little girl, not fulling sure she wants to become Tinker Belle.
and my mom showing off her TWO robes. Both my brother and I got her the same. exact. one from Macy's. diff colors. but the same one. we got her matching slippers.. but whatever.. lol
she now has one for her various moods.
Tatum and her shoes again. She is in full- dress- up- like- a -princess mode , like everyday!
back to our crazy , messy, house... Tatum playing with her little people suv. it plays music when you honk the horn.. and with out ceasing.. she hops up and does a little dance. its totally adorable.
and Brigham with his game boy advance.. (yeah, we entered into the video game era). he was the ONLY kindergartner with out a DS, or a wii.. or rockband.. (oh , wait that is his parents.. lol).
Seriously, we purposely bought a minivan with OUT a dvd player in it, and even the the salesman showed us where we could install three, THREE of them, we are keeping that space for storage. because I like sunglasses more than I need my kids to be zoned out on Dora.
So Santa was practical and got a used game boy, and one game. and then after Christmas, Brig and daddy got to go pick out another used game. The kid is on cloud nine.
amazing that the kid doesn't know the difference.. and we saved a ton of money. wonder if it really is the KID who wants the brand new, bigger, better, whatever. just sayin'
the basket ball hoop... to go in his new room when we finally get it put together.
(Frustrated venting comment: not happy that Kittle's forgot to call us and let us know that instead of mid-late December... our bed would be arriving mid -late February)!!
and another doll baby for Tatum. This little mama is so good, she can handle 4-5 babies at a time.. she feeds them, and combs their hair and strolls them around and tucks them in bed. she is a very good mama. and she is a very good big sister. She and Beck get lots of quality time during the days.
Speaking of Beckham.. he celebrated his six month birthday on Jan 3rd.
I will post his milestones update along with pics from his photo session.

so while we are still trying to dig ourselves out from Christmas with all of the tons of new toys, and coloring books, and clothes, and camera goodies, and computer gadgets.. we feel amazingly blessed. Like it makes me a bit sick to my stomach as I look around at all that we have. Our church is doing a new series on America in CRI$IS.... and it couldn't come at a better time as we turn out minds and hearts to those suffering such a tragic loss in Haiti. I am proud to say that as we take a closer look at our needs vs. our wants, OUR family is making some changes. Our church is taking a stand in partnering with the people in Haiti.. and not just for a few weeks. because, when the news stops reporting.. there is still devastation and the rebuilding of lives that needs to take place. I am proud that my church is made up of this type of people, willing and wanting to reach past ourselves. So, if you are local and are reading my blog.. we are in need of clothes, sleeping bags, and non perishable food items.
If you want to help , just let me know. Thanks!! =)


Nicole said...

Looks like you all had a blast!!! LOVE the jammies - Everett has that pair - and they are some of our favorites - they are adorable!

Christina Lee said...

Great pictures!! is it really almost the end of January?

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Cute photos, Elizabeth! Thanks for reading my blog and OF COURSE you can add me to your blogroll. I will do the same for you. Glad you have enjoyed reading Mommy on Fire!


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