Saturday, January 09, 2010

there really is no excuse...

for the lack of bloggage lately.
seriously. its a good thing that I don't (really) make new year's resolutions. because one of them would be to be a better blogger. and that being actually post on my own blog.. lol
instead I seem to be sucked into the fascinating details of the other bloggers out there, who actually are keeping up their said resolutions from last year.
you really shouldn't make your lives so interesting to read about. or funny. or informative.
I have decided that there should also be warnings on blogs.... like " enabler alert", because many of you are very good at sharing what greatest and latest product, I have to have. or scrappy thing. or etsy thing. oh, yeah.. there's one for ya.. lol
geesh. this would also be a problem for me if I actually had new year's resolutions, like maybe not spend so much money on crafty things. sO happy that I don't have said resolution. seriously. I would be in constant battle with my inner self and probably end up in a padded room somewhere. .. which could be kinda nice, because I hear there its stripped of all clutter.
which is another reason for my lack of blogging.
my home has been invaded by all things brightly colored, obnoxiously loud, some with hard points that hurt bare feet when stepped on, and no rhyme or reason to where a permanent home should be.
and while in the midst of tearing down all the cozy, meaningful Christmas decor, my home now feels bare. like a clean canvas......ahhhhhhh
just begging for a CHANGE up!!
yep.. have I mentioned how I love to multi task? yep.. ask my husband. he doesn't like it so much.
but I have to move when the spirit (or outlandish desire, or new PB catalog lands in my mailbox) or I happen to see a new shower curtain for $7.99 at TJ Maxx.
(not that this has happened)
but perhaps in the near future this blog will showcase a little face lift done to the guest bath.
or perhaps the boys room. yep BOYS.
poor Beckham is busting out of the bassinet at 6 months(yep he celebrated a milestone last week!) so while we continue to wait for the new loft bunk bed for Brigham(that was supposed to be here by the end of Dec).. my baby's growth is going to be stunted. all because of the Kittle's people. umf.
anyway... I have big plans spinning around in my head for their room. and then Tatum's room needs to be switched up a bit for her big girl room.(once we can get the crib out for Beck)
so yeah.. not a lot going on around here.....
still editing the Christmas pictures. I will post them soon. promise. and I need to catch you all up on a few other happenings. stay tuned. I will perhaps do a little 10th of january resolution to blog more often.
be patient with me please =)


Christy said...

sounds like you must be new to welcome!

I have to make time for blogging too...but since i do a food-ish sort of ties into a basic necessity...eating!
Have a great week

carol said...

I think they call this flight of ideas! Happy blogging.

Kerri said...

Stopping by from SITS, and yup, that was you showing up for roll call! Have a good one!


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