Monday, January 25, 2010

i will blog, even if..

the powers that be (ahem.. blogger, or our stupid interweb connection. ugh) seriously, tried several times yesterday, and again today... and nada. zip. I had several things to blab on about, much of which have been back made promises. . that get swept into the shadows of more pressing issues... (seriously my life is full of blogable moments/situations/days/weeks/etc) however, due to the said interweb, and said blogging service, I am not able.
perhaps its a time of day thing? perhaps if I would actually get out of bed with the rest of the world is(have not done this in almost 6 years) up, then the powers that be may allow me to get a post in, before those of you that go to that work thing all day, go and busy up the Internet around here..

and so, I wish to thank my husband for totally surprising me (sucker) with his little blog move last Friday.
and thank you to all my wonderful friends and family, who filled my inbox, mail box(yes, can you believe that birthday cards to actually still make it thru snail mail?), the phone calls, and the face book.
nothing makes you feel the love like over 100 birthday wishes!!
(anyone have a self esteem issue?... create a fb account! LOL)

we celebrated well, and I probably gained a few pounds back... will share more, when I actually can post pictures.

so I will leave you with the ONE picture, that was able to get thru the vices..
a peek at pretty much what we have been doing for the last couple days... staying bundled up and warm inside!
I also have 2 sickies, and a two rooms to get ready(yes! the bunk arrived.. I am slightly thanking Kittle's for delivering a month early(or 1.5 months late from original date promised?)
at any rate.. I am not going to attempt to blog again b/c of that is going on, but will try and update tomorrow...
thanks for stopping by..

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