Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am still alive.

barely.. haaaa.

So I just returned from a fabulous fun filled, action packed weekend in Nashville with about 25 other amazing photog friends (some old and some new).. it was a blast and my little fam went with so we could have a little get away at the same time. My dear friend Farrah was there, and I can't believe I have seen her 3 times in less then a year.. she keeps trying to get me to move to CO.. but at the rate we're going. we'd probably see each other more living apart. ha. isn't it just how it is?

(we're trying and trying to get out of IN... really and truly.. stupid economy.. lol)
LOVE that city... my friend Katie said that she wanted to move there. and Um, yeah.. (hadn't been there since I was like 12) and I could SOOO live there.
anyway... my facebook profile has been blasted with tags of my cutie heads at all of our fantastic session locals.. (if you're my fb friend.. go check them out.. )

We stopped on the way home at Dinosaur World( you know that tacky attraction along side of the interstate. like "come see the world's biggest guinea pig!").. well, it actually was pretty cool(cheesy).. but to a 5 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl.. it was like Disney World. (and the parents were impressed by how uberly clean and manicured the mile and half trail thru the forest , in- habitated by over 150 LIFESIZE dinos was).

I am soo happy that we made the stop. Even if we were tired. Even if it would put us home late. Even if it meant driving in the dark( and you all know how much I hate driving in the dark) oh. And Even if it was $40 bucks for about an hour.
it was the favorite part of the trip. Brigham got his post card as a souvenir and he proudly took it to school on Monday. He was even more thrilled when his teacher pointed out the on the back of the card.! ( you mean we can see it on the computer??!!)

AND he wrote up a little something to turn in so that our taking him out of school on Friday was excused. Bonus. =)

So.... we are recouping from that.. I have 766 pictures to go thru from the trip.. plus a family session to edit. I have someone coming tomorrow to place an order and one to pick up an order. I have a session tomorrow morning/ Fri/Sat/ and Sun this week. Business is so GOOD. I LOVE being busy and meeting all these new and (adorable) people. LOVE IT.

I have had a couple play dates this week.. both fun and both needed. had a social night for Life group tonight. Met grandma/uncle monkey at the park last night for dinner ( LOVING the weather )..

Soccer practice twice a week, plus games...

Starting the bathroom remodel tomorrow.. I am going to strip everything out.. prime the walls.. then Saturday we start installing the floor/ paint/ and then we'll finish up the fixtures, etc. My dad is coming up to help and of course we'll take a time out so we can head over to Purdue for the annual Springfest and the Boiler FB spring game.

needless to say, I am just on auto pilot right now.... not to mention every time I go out to get the mail or get the kid from the bus, I spend 5 min in my yard picking out bits of the unwanted grass that decided to take up residency in my flower beds. ugh. such a daunting task.
BUT I am so giddy to be seeing all the color in my yards.. love this time of year. of rebirth.. things getting green and sprouting all over the place..

and so if I don't blog for a while.. you'll know why.. lol

OH, and I am also planning Tatum's bday party. well it is planned, now just executing my plan! LOL

so if I tend to neglect reading your blog updates as well.. you'll know why as well. I will try and get caught up soon!

thanks for your patience! =)

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