Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Our Sunday best

at least they were all dressed in their best: well, truthfully, I can't believe how fabulous my kids are. they are just the coolest, sweetest kids in the whole wide world. We had a wonderful church service.. brought me to tears. followed by a delicious lunch at Baja Peninsula with grandma and Uncle Brian. followed by an egg hunt and more candy and toys, etc at grandma's house.
I love how not one of the kids is looking at the camera.. this is so my life right now! lol

they could have hunted for eggs all day. and it was a glorious day for us to be outside too. Just perfect.

We had a busy weekend, and some other fun activities that I'll share but need to scoot to get
1) screaming, jumping baby from the exersaucer
2) happily playing with her hair bows in an imaginary world, when she is supposed to be napping little girl
3) and my sweet kindergartner who will be at the bus stop in 5 minutes
be back later with more pics!!


Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Darling - you are quite blessed, Elizabeth and I LOVE Baja! Close to our house, too! :)

For the record, no one ever looks at the camera in my family...Family photos of us are virtually impossible to obtain!

Katie McDowell said...

um. i cannot get over how adorable that hat is on brig. i feel like i overlook his attire a lot because of the other two sweet little ones and how cute and squishy they are. but easter...brig had it going on. good job!


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