Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my first love returns

well.. sorta. those of you that have been following my blog, know that I have been an obsessed scrapper for a long time. A friend got me started prior to my wedding and after Brig was born.. it became a full blown addiction.... I can. NOT. believe how much stuff I own. I am getting pretty depressed as I look at my scrap room and see the piles of dust adorning the papers and the many, many embellies, just waiting patiently to be played with.
Don't even get me started on the gazillion of folders of pictures I have that have not found their home on a layout.. this lack of creativity in paper form is really messing with my psyche... and soooo I have challenged myself and I do have accountability people in my life to hopefully steer me back on track!! I have been working here and there on getting some pages done. I actually put a bunch of ones I have already shown her on the ol' blog INTO protectors and in to the albums purchased and still sitting in the Hobby Lobby bags. So the above page is one for Brig's album.. about the trips to our favorite stores... and the one below is T's first experience with fireworks.
and then I realized that Brig has 3 books, and T has one and a half and yet poor Beckham doesn't have one yet.. and so I switched gears.
Here is one for little B-

and another.. (and of course I still have not done US pages for any kids.. so I have to go back and do them.. and write up their birth stories.. before my brain goes to mush)

I need to do about 4-5 of his first 2 months.. this is one

and then I skipped to 4 months old

Don't mind the black spot .. something on my camera .. so it got a specialty bath. all better now!

I still have a ways to go, but at least he has a few pages.. I haven't done any of his *month* pages yet... or written about his milestones and a few other things I have jotted down. At least I am keeping up with his baby book.. lol-

Did one of these about a favorite outfit of Brig's that he wore last fall... what a handsome dude!

and another about them sharing outfits.. and looking so much alike.

I made a list of the *must have* pages for the kids.. realized that I missed all of year two for Tatum!! so, I am going thru files and printing all of them at once.. then I'll go back and do year four, five for Brigham.
Tatum turns three next week, so I doubt I will be caught up.. but hopefully I can make a dent.
Andrew keeps hinting that the scrap booking needs to go.. since photography has taken over. I just can't bring myself to do it quite yet.. I still get a high out of creating something like this.. I have a friend trying to switch me over to digi scrapping.. and I just won't take the plunge.
Esp when I have so much $$ wrapped up in all the stuff, and the kit clubs that I had coming every month. (there are lots of kits that I have not even opened yet! ) um.. yeah.. sad isn't it.
If blogger would let me upload my siggy in blood.. I'd do it. Folks, I am serious.. even more important than the pictures.. I want my words and my stories to be a gift to my children.
Do you have anything that you miss doing? Can you find time in your busy life to get back to it?
I'd love to hear from you.. and to know that I am not alone!! LOL
well, thanks for looking at my pages!!!


Cole said...

wow great pages! I need to scrapbook more. mine would never look this cute though. lovely blog!

nicole visiting from

Deanna said...

Girl! I am right there with you. I can't go digital I have tons of money INVESTED in the real hands on stuff. I just need a giant room to set it all up, and be able to leave it all out and work when I have time. It's sad, photography is wonderful I love it. But I hate that I am so good preserving other people's memories and milestones, that I forget to do the same effort into my own family... Maybe I'll convert the garage:) I love your pages, and the personal touch of Mama's handwriting.


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