Tuesday, May 18, 2010

in the kitchen

yep.. surprising isn't it? well.. I do like to bake.. MUCH more than I like to cook. Luckily I am blessed with a man that does love to cook (and prepares most of our meals).. and little side note.. even though our rule is One person cooks, the other cleans up.. HE is pretty much the "other" person most nights too.
been in the kitchen a lot lately.. it all started last week when Brigham had his last TOP DOG (helper of the day) at school. awww.
He got to celebrate his birthday, and wear a special hat, and got a goody back from his teacher. He was SOO excited. I love to see him get pumped up about these little kinds of things. (well, to a 5 year old, this is HUGE, right?)
I made these cupcake cones, which were a really big hit, despite their appearance. ( the foil flew off as I was walking them into school and they toppled all over each other). chocolate was. everywhere. hoping my choice of snack doesn't look bad on my kid! lol

and little man is now eating most of his meals right in big sisters chair! He looks so little here, but I can totally tell that he is all big and proud of his accomplishment. My kitchen has become a baby food factory lately, as I am grinding up vegis and fruits.
this morning was pears, mixed vegi's and sweet potato. He is really loving his food these days.. but still loves mama's milk the best. Tatum weaned herself at this age and I was really bummed, so I am really hoping that he keeps it up for awhile anyway.

this morning, Tatum-girl and I decided to make some triple chocolate chip muffins... in my new pan from Demarle Home. Went to a friend's home party a few weeks ago, and had to restrict myself(ok, the budget ) restricted me.. lol. There stuff is really cool, but REALLY pricey.
Like their muffin tins are $53.00 !

and so I got one !! and just had to take extra time refilling the cups to make a batch.

pretty sure these should not be classified as "muffins".. chocolate, with 2 kinds of choco chips and white choco chips. mmmmmm.
yep, they were good.

and lastly.. THIS guy turned 10 months. totally haven't had a chance to get his 'chair' pose yet.. but I snapped this quickly this morning in his "peas" shirt. when I saw this at Target, I just had to get it. He wore it to Nashville in honor of his first(well, third) Peas get together, however he had stunk it up pretty bad on the drive so we changed him right away.

super cute eh?
...and been super duper busy with photo stuff... had EIGHT calls last week and just trying to figure out dates for everyone.. and then had 2 more yesterday!
I am doing a couple of pretty fun things with my biz too, but you'll have to wait to find out.. lol !
(I am mean like that.. lol)
head over to my blog to catch up on some recent sneak peeks. I still have 3 more to put up so check back often!
We had a great weekend hanging out in our little down town. It had its first Gallery Walk of the season.. in and out of studios/ wine/treats/ music.. the kids loved it and we had a perfect night to enjoy some fun culture.
We always love when summer comes around.. there is a big art show next weekend, and then a few festivals coming up which are always a blast!
well.. I am off to edit some more pics while 2 kids are napping and the other is consumed with Spongebob(yes.. we have given up control.. the crazy sea dude is allowed in small doses now)

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Jocelyn said...

those cupcakes look delicious! And muffins with 2 kinds of choc chips...yes please!!!!


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