Monday, May 10, 2010

my baby girl turns THREE !!

Happy Birthday to my full of spunk and sweetness, Tatum Isabella ! We thank God for sending you to us three years ago! What a joy you have been in our lives!
Did a mini (as in 25 min) photo session for her today. I had a newborn session, so since I had everything out , went ahead and did it. I *really* was hoping to go get her first haircut and then take her pics.. but guess that will be happening some other time. I am still torn between leaving her beautiful curls and giving her a super cute bob for summer!

This was her party dress... had to go with the theme right? For those of you who saw my plea for advice on face book.. I saw THE perfect dress a few months ago online , but the price tag was $89.
well.. you're only three once right? and luckily, this dress , which is custom made, doesn't really have a size.. so she'll get a couple years out of it.
and a big thank you to grandpa (my dad) who wasn't able to say no to his baby girl for her baby girl ! lol

and so our Strawberry Shortcake party started out with some Berry Sweet invitations, which I didn't scan in.. so just "imagine" pink/green cuteness and Miss SS herself on the front. Totally wanted to create my own handmade, but I found some adorable custom made ones on Etsy.. so I went that route in stead. totally worth it.

Planned the party thinking its May.. so it will be nice and sunshiny and everyone will want to be outside playing and carrying on, and what better then to quench their thirsts but digging into my Lime Green drink bucket and pulling out one of these:

and we also served, Sprite, Red Creme Soda, Strawberry Lemonade and water bottles. the super berry luscious sweets table....

and yes.. we had plenty for our 25+ guests, and a whole lot more!!

I over estimated when I bought the JUMBo strawberries at Sam's.. got 3 packages of them and then just got a little carried away dipping them! LOL

the main food table:
chicken salad croissants for the adults, strawberry shaped pb&j for the kiddos, strawberry applesauce, vegis and dip(of course only green/white/red ones) and Fruit (only green grapes, kiwi,strawberries, red and green apples) along with some amazing strawberry fruit dip,chips and strawberry trifle.

oh.. and my mom made a yummy spinach and strawberry salad with poppy seed dressing!

we are going to be eating this same meal for the next couple days for sure!
and the cake.. I am pretty sure I made enough for a small wedding.. Ha.

The pink throne for her to open her gifts..

of course we had to have our traditional pinata.. or as Brigham calls it a PINGONTA !

It was near freezing.. so the kids all ran out , gave a few whacks.. the parents mostly stayed and watched from the window!

the mad dash to catch the candy loot!

and then it was present time.....

I love how all her little friends joined right in.. they all wanted to sit right up close and some even started opening their own choice of gift!

We thank you for all the great toys, books, clothes and other fun stuff. What a great day!

and then it was cake time...

She was a little embarrassed when we sang to her, but she got over it when she saw the PINK cake!

Doesn't this look cool?
notice all the fondant balls on the table? Um, yeah... note to self.. fondant looks nice, but tastes horrible.
I made my own secret butter cream recipe so that was good.. and I just didn't think to flavor the fondant before putting it up. Oh, well, we were not lacking sweetness in any way, so I am sure it turned out fine.
We had a wonderful celebration with friends on Saturday evening and then we got to celebrate with her again on Sunday , which was her actual birthday.
What a beautiful mother's day gift for me to celebrating my sweet baby girl's special day.
We prepped the party (well, mostly I did) for two days straight, so by 11pm on Sat night, I was pooped.. my fabulous hubby stayed up and did all the dishes, wrapped up all the food, cleaned up the rest of the house.. AND let me sleep in Sunday morning.
well.. actually he helped with the kids' promptings of their attack on me in bed so they could give me their gift.
Um.. yeah.. hubby did great again.. totally took them out last weekend when I had two photo sessions and painted pottery with them.
They made me an adorable cookie jar complete with 3 varying sized hand prints, a few scribbles and a couple pretty flowers.
It turned out SO cute and will look perfect in my kitchen!
Andrew then took charge of the children , allowing me to sleep another couple hours. At which time I awoke, to a near spotless house, and he took me out to my choice of restaurant.
I can be simple when I want to.. hee hee. I chose Noble Romans. Gotta love their bread sticks!
Later that day we headed over to my mom's house to celebrate with her. We had a great dinner and opened up some more presents for Tatum from the out of town grandparents.
It was an amazing weekend and I am so thankful for my wonderful little family!


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW impressive...There is no doubt how much you love your kids! Great job momma, pat yourself on the back!

Heather Crawford said...

That party was precious, as was the birthday girl! Stinks that it was cold? You and I could be dangerous together planning parties..we could be called the "Theme Queens"

What a nice husband you have, my dear! Sounds like a very busy weekend, but a fun one! :)

Nicole said...

What an awesome party! And love the cake... And yes, fondant does not taste good at all - but does look pretty cool! :-) Glad you enjoyed her - and your - days!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your helpful Post, I hope you have a good day!. :)


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