Wednesday, May 26, 2010

its all about THIS guy....

and his last week as a kindergartner.. (sniff..sniff).. actually in five minutes, he will only have TWO more days.. We got his end of year reviews last week and I couldn't be more proud of him. He excelled in all subjects and scored way above the required levels. In fact for reading.. his numbers are right in line for the end of the year goal.... OF SECOND GRADE!!!
um.. yeah.. we didn't make a big deal about it cuz, he's probably just slack off the next two years of school.. LOL !!
The kid reads and asks questions all day long. He has so much insight into subjects. He really has a desire to learn. AND to teach his younger sister. Most days, he is 'acting as a mother hen" reading to her, pointing things out, explaining, teaching all kinds of things.
(kinda makes this mom job a little easier this go around.. lol)
He also had his LAST soccer game on Saturday and we were so stoked for him! He really progressed during the season.. scored a few goals and really "got" the hang of what the game was all about. We are already into t-ball now.. and swimming lessons will start in a couple weeks. and then football.
We are celebrating him all week long...
at school they have fun activities planned every day, and at home we are celebrating him too.
Doing a few extra fun things and having a few extra special treats..
I am taking lots of pics and will share soon.. right now I am swamped in business edits... so the fam will have to wait.(hey. at least I still take family pics right?)
Hoping to get back here to share in a couple days..

off to go hug my guy.....

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