Tuesday, October 12, 2010

an introduction of sorts

For about four months now, our little guy has been taking a bottle. yep. I do realize that as of last week he turned 15months old.. however... you may remember me saying that he was a bit of a mama's boy?
which translated to mean that he would NOT take a bottle. not from dad. not from grandma. heaven for bid he take from nursery workers at church. (oh wait.. he never stayed in there long enough for them to try it).. All he had for his first 12 months of life was mama's milk. I would say an occasional ounce of formula.. maybe two.. if dad could force it down.. and if there were no other options. 3rd child and totally high maintenance. EVEN more than the girl in the middle. So you also may remember that at his one year well visit , his Dr. labeled him "failure to thrive" and gave a whole long list of fattening things to give him. One of them was whole milk.. (as if the stuff I was giving him was fat free? lol).. so among his pudding cups, and ice cream treats, we needed to see how many ounces of fluids he was actually drinking. We tried the sippy cup, and he did not get it. For a few weeks.. we introduced the bottle to him and it was like feeding a baby goat. he would sit on the floor and look up at us as we held the bottle. even in his high chair , he wanted no part of participating in this new venture. Finally.. one day.. we left the bottle sitting out and he found it. Guess he was really thirsty, because he tilted it back and took a swig. Of course a proud ear to ear grin followed. Thankfully , we don't have to hold the bottle anymore. And thankfully, he is eating like a champ.. all kinds of foods. mac n cheese , gram crackers and curried chic peas being his favorites. He has even gained a couple of pounds since his Dr. visit.

And since he is such a big boy now.. we decided it was time to let him in on a little secret about what goes the best with an ice cold glass (or bottle ) of milk.

O-R-E-O !!


Nicole said...

CUTE photo! And you know... Our third child got to enjoy all that yumminess (oreos, blizzards, etc.)
WAY younger than his sibs! :-) Glad he is doing so well!

kels said...

love this boy!!!! :)


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