Wednesday, October 20, 2010

an Indian Summer!

One fine fall day.. with the leaves turning.. and the air crisp.. oh wait.. and the temps were in the mid 80's !!!
We decided to take another trip down
to Conner Prairie. We went last year, but Tatum was too small to remember anything. They had a great time running from exhibit to exhibit inside the museum.. but I was chasing them instead of snapping pictures.. and we all had tons of fun as we stepped back in time to the 1830's and became a part of Prairie Town. My little girl stops to model...

This is the first thing we saw.. actually as we approached the place. We hadn't been able to see it in flight last time due to high winds.
We visited with a carpenter.. and he showed us some projects he was working on. Brigham of course, had many questions for this man. Its hard for a 6 year old to comprehend the fact that this man is 'truly living in the 1800's).. and so. .. didn't quite understand the tenses' that Brig used. It was a great history lesson though.

Beck loved just hanging around.. the weather was just perfect to be outdoors

Everyone except mama took their turn in the ax throwing contest. Look at that great form by Grandma !!

Ta Ta got her turn.. she used all her strength to get that about 12 feet! LOL

Brigham rearing back and ready to throw.. I think his actually hit the target and fell down.

Beckham would rather just throw some straw.. fine by me =)

We stopped by the inn on our way into town.. Brigham wasn't sure he wanted to stay here , since they were booking 5 ppl to a bed ! It was pretty cheap for a night's stay though.

We almost got Brigham to peek into the outhouse.

He didn't believe us when we told him that is where Grandma had to use the bathroom growing up. .. well.. or that his mother (me) used one at camp years ago. I won't even go in a port a pot nowdays. I'll wait for hours than to climb inside one of those.

The kids helped the lady of this house tend to her garden. Brigham was a champ at filling up the buckets

Then it was school time. This teacher was quite hard on the kiddos.. we didn't last in here long! !

Brigham joined in with some of the other kids and tried his hand at the games. We stayed just long enough to take part in the party and to have some of the freshly baked cookies made over an open fire.

Brigham asked the blacksmith if he could make some shoes for his horse. Well of course he could.. and we sat and watched this crazy character make up a shoe while telling all kinds of stories.

We stopped by the barn and the kids each held a baby chick.. and brushed the wrong end of a goat ! LOL

Oh, how I would love to live in a big ol' house like this some day. Love the charcter of it.

and the kids and grandma actually took a trip up up and away on this balloon.. although due to the roofs of the building surrounding the launching pad.. it was really hard to get a pic of them on it. But they really are on it. We could hear their little voices calling down to Andrew and I below.

Well.. we were supposed to finish our day up at a local pumpkin patch. I had heard great reviews for years about one in Noblesville, but of course it closed at 5pm,, which is just about when we finished our day at the museum.
I guess it is ok, because two days prior, when the weather was in the 50's , I ran out to make sure I had super 'fallish' looking , Perfectly-Pumpkin Patch-Attire for my kiddos.. and then we wake up to find its going to be in the mid 80's. that day. I was so disappointed, but tried to come up with substitute outfits. Guess it worked out in the end. We ended our day at Ruby Tuesday for dinner and watched the Boilers beat up on Northwestern.
We also will get another attempt at a pumpkin patch.

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