Friday, November 19, 2010

my princess wants

we have not experienced the joy of the impending Christmas season quite like this before. Our quite and content( oh.. so no that way as a 1st grader..!) first born.. never asked for much. Well he actually still doesn't ever ask for anything.. not even gum at the grocery store. I guess he never asked for toys, because he never knew what was out there. We started out this parenting thing not letting him watch tv. Well.. he watched PBS after he was 3 and before that it was baby Einstein or we sing silly songs on DVD ! He didn't even know who or what characters were.. except for Purdue Pete! He knew that one well. Sooo. last week began a new era for us. One where we are left holding our aching ears and making loose promises!
Our 3 1/2 year old who is everything girly girl... who does not go out of the house with out 2 purses and sunglasses and usually her lipstick. The girl who jumps up and down when I said someone was bringing over new hair bows for her! The girl who watches me put on my make up every day. The girl who wears a pony tail and says "I look like mommy now". compliment.. , I think? lol
She has been caring for her baby dolls since she was 6 months old. She has had a bow in her hair since she was 2 days old. We have shifted to flowers and headbands.. but always an accessory. The girl screams as we walk past the shoe department of Target.
and... well . now she has discovered commercials. Partly our fault.. yes I know.. we introduced cable . She now watches Disney channel.. (which actually was a positive as it prepped the kids for our trip last month).. however several times a day.. this can be heard through out the house.
"moommmmmmmmmyyyyy, do you think I can get that?" or "daaaaaaaaadddy, do you think I can have one of those?"
this rant will continue and actually get quite emotional and even some tears stream, if her request is not acknowledged.
and so our constant response has been "well, you 'll have to talk to HoHo about that".
Ho Ho has some big promises (perhaps) to live up to. oh.. and for the record.. nothing that is remotely boy is ever requested. It is every baby, barbie, princess, coloring, crafty thing advertised.
I can only imagine what the toy aisle at Target will be like this year! maybe we'll divert her attention with a free cookie from the bakery.

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Katie McDowell said...

she looks fantastic as a princess! too cute! i'm glad finn is not to that stage yet. we can still tell him that the toys at target are for other kids and that his toys are at home. oh, the excitement we have to look forward to :)


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