Sunday, November 07, 2010

We met the Mouse!

I have a very good reason for not posting in a couple weeks.... we took a much needed vacation to meet the Mouse and all his friends! We just got back this week and quite honestly , I need a vacation from my vacation! We were up every day (8) and at our shuttle by 8am and didn't come back to our resort until 10pm most nights! We packed in a whole lot... and STILL didn't see all we wanted to. Guess there will have to be a return trip =).
Friends have been asking for pictures... and I have been swamped with work since the day we returned! I just now took them off the ipad and decided I better get at least one pic up on FB and thought I'd share one here too.
We had a fantastic time. I actually decided that I want to live in Disney World. It is the happiest place on earth- besides the fact that I gained 4 lbs. oops! Geesh... the dining plan just had too many options.. and come on.. a big honkin' dessert for every meal! I was not used to eating like that.. and I totally indulged.
I wish I could have stayed away from the sweets like Andrew did- he came back having lost 2 lbs. Pretty easy to do that considering the amounts of walking we did- Plus he got up at 5am to run.. (um.. silly daddy.. but I still give him kudos!)
I have to get caught up on editing some sessions.. and then I'll be back to posting about our trip- not even going to attempt the some 700 + pics from the trip yet! yikes.
Kids are finally getting caught up on sleep... but our poor little BeckBeck visited the Dr. on Friday for a double ear infection. He is scarfing down his meds, so hopefully will be feeling better soon!
well.. I am off to load up some client galleries.. be back soon!

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