Friday, April 01, 2011

last day...

of spring break.... I think I can.. I think I can.... make it through that is. I have no clue how homeschooling moms make it !! I am already on the search for a nanny or a more than part time babysitter for this summer. I love my kids , really I do. But I need my space. Having them scream and just talk all day long.. and leave toys in every room of my house.. (yes, why do I find star wars figures in my bathroom?) I have found that I am a much better mom and wife if I am not just around little people all day long. Gonna head out in a bit to take them to the only indoor play place .. chic fil a... and then Tatum has a photo shoot for a local company this afternoon. They are spending the night at grandma's house tonight, so that will help get us thru the weekend!! ahhhhh. calgon take me away!!!!

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