Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a little trip away

well, we didn't do a big trip for spring break since we did ours last fall to WDW... and we're heading away at the end of this month to TN. The weather was pretty cold, so it was a bummer that we couldn't be outside. We did take one day and venture to Indianapolis to the Children's Museum. I think this is actually the first time we have used our membership to it's fullest.. lol- well getting a start on it anyway. Since Brigham was one year old, we have been getting the membership for family plus 2 , for both the CM and for the Indy zoo. Without fail, we buy on our first trip of the year and um.. never go back! we are such suckers!! However, we bought this one in January when we had an overnight trip to Indy.... (stayed downtown at Embassy Suites, ate at Weber Grill. shopped and hit the museum) and so here is visit number 2 in just three month! go us!! lol The new attraction this time was costumes and superheros.. Brig has really been getting into them lately.. and into Star Wars, so he had lots of fun.
Batman and the princess in front of the scene changing castle set!
a fake car won the attraction of Beck.. it slid back and forth in front of a city scene..

and look who else was there? Dora and Boots was another new attraction which was a HUGE hit for one little girl. Brigham and Beckham enjoyed it too.. This above pic cracks me up.. Brig brought along a notepad and promptly said upon entering" I am gonna write down everything I see today!" Well.. that kinda lasted for the first 15 min.. he would stop and write down the name of the exhibit as we went it. hilarious. and so dorkish. ahhhh. my son. he is SO not like his mama!!
Beck had fun down the slide.. he has just discovered the slide when we were at the park a few weeks ago. wwwhhhhheeeeee. is a constant coming from his mouth!
Beck has also developed a big love for dinosaurs, so he loved, loved this part of the museum. he has a mean roar for such a little guy!
and this may just have been all about Beck this trip because he really started recognizing all kinds of new things are really starting to have an obsession with trains, trucks, dinos, and balls.

yep... driving anywhere.. he doesn't miss a beat without yelling out " mammmmma, tuck.. or choochooo.... as we pass over railroads"
we stayed most of the day at the museum and finished off the day with dinner at our new favorite place.. Red Robbin. I never knew that a juicy burger topped with a fried egg could be so amazing. Seriously.. it is divine.

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kels said...

i LOVE that brig wanted to write everything down!!!!!! ohmygosh, i love that kid.


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