Wednesday, April 20, 2011

spring fun!

a couple weeks ago, when we actually had spring like weather (unlike today when it is rainy and 40 degrees.. =(... yuck! ). I had a photo session Sat morning here at the house, so Andrew took all the kiddos to Brig's first soccer game.. early and it was pretty cold. I am not sad I missed this one! My dad drove up to go to lunch with us and then we headed to the Spring Game.. which is the first look at Purdue's football time since spring training started. The kids loved it.. the sun was shining.. in fact we all dressed with jeans and hoodies, and by the second half we were stripping down to our tanks. The team looks decent.. and it seems that we have a kicker- this kid was incredible!
They always bring back former players and it was fun to see many of the guys I hung out with in school.. crazy that we all have kids now! We did get a family picture with Mike Alstott, with Andrew's phone.. because I opted NOT to bring my camera out.
and now we can't get the silly pic of his phone! and it is such a cute pic.. hard to believe years ago we partied and now I have 3 1/2 kids and can barely drink 2 beers!!

Afterwards we ran home to change into shorts and t's and headed back to campus for Bug Bowl.. aka.. spring fest. We have gone to this every year since Brig was one.. so if you have followed my blog, then you have seen pics before. Some years it is raining.. and we still went.. some years it was fridgid.. like when Brig was two and he was dressed in winter hat and coat.... and then some years we have been in tanks and flip flops ! Thank goodness this was one of those years when we got sunburned!! the kids had a great time and we started with the farm tents... and didn't get very far when we realized that they were closing down. whoops. we got there 45 min before closing time. =(

Brig still got his face painted...

and we did a few other things and grabbed a yummy elephant ear!! We had to get home anyway , b/c grandpa had headed back to our house to start mulching our yard for us!

It was such a gorgeous weekend, that the next day after church and a quick bit to eat, we decided to head back to campus for spring fest. This was a 40 min whirl wind tour done on purpose this time as we had another soccer game to get to that afternoon.

Brig loved milking the cow...

and his little sister was not so sure.. so she stood and watched from a distance

we ran into our friends the Ragles and the kids enjoyed playing with the baby chicks.

Again, Tatum was a bit unsure.. but she ended up cuddling with this sweet baby!

Brigham being silly! For some reason all of these pics are crazy bad... there were tons of people and we were moving thru fast- not to mention having to counter balance this crazy yellow tents' glow! lol

at least I am capturing these moments right?

Brig's favorite part- eating the bugs!! This was on the first day and since they were closing down, there were not many left. He was lucky to nab a choco covered cricket!!

and baby brother got introduced to this yummy treat as well ! He loved it and didn't bat an eye to try it! ewe!!

he also loved just hanging out in the stroller.. what a life for a 21 month old! love his little outfit- a friend got him this for his birth and I am finally getting to put it on him! and the hat... I am such a sucker for hats!

the famous cricket spitting contest! Brig has done this the last few years and was dying to do it. I didn't get up close enough before he spit... but poor Tatum tried it and...

if you look closely, you'll see that she couldn't get it out of her mouth. It just hung there on her lips for awhile! um. gross. her winning spit was 1 inch !! love it!!

so here is Brig after just spitting... his went a full 3 1/2 feet or something. not bad for a little kid!

it was a great weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed the 80 degrees and sunshine! hoping to get to see that again soon!

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Nicole said...

Looks familiar! Glad you had fun - and too bad we didn't run into each other up at spring fest! :-)


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