Tuesday, May 10, 2011

our future is bright..

or something like that.. lol

Our immediate future was finally determined. I haven't mentioned anything here on the blog, b/c I am just not into drama and bringing junk out that we are dealing with.

Basically rumors started at Andrew's company that they could do a number of things, including closing the regional office where he works. It was announced at the first of the year that after a structure study was competed, that an announcement would be made March 1st.

Based on that information, we were set to put our house on the market on March 30th. Well..... the second week of March, the president communicated that they had not reached a decision and it would still be a couple more months. lovely.

People were up in arms.. lots of discontent and uncertainty. The chance of us moving out of state was looking to be pretty high. Every other day , Andrew would come home with a different rumor outcome that had been discussed either by his leadership team or the managers higher up.

As we waited and waited, and got more frustrated about having to put our plans on hold.... trying to figure out whether we continue prepping or just sit it out. Of course I can't just sit and do nothing, so we started packing things up ....our home looks like tote city right now!

We were relieved to get an email from the president last week stating that there would be a corporate wide announcement on Monday, the 9th. (baby girl's 4th bday and normally Andrew's day off)

The managers were told the outcome last Thursday... in order to give them time over the weekend to prepare how to tell their teams. Of course all kinds of rumors started flooding thru the halls. Who knew what was going to happen.

Andrew headed into work yesterday morning.. he was told the mtg could last over an hour. They were bringing all the employees into the cafeteria and if it worked with previous situations like this, then they would be told on a tv monitor.. everyone in 3 states hearing the same info at the same time.

Turns out... they are not closing this office. They are downsizing from 37 offices down to 6, but WL is not one! Andrew's job will not be affected. Praise God. He didn't relay to me until yesterday afternoon, how nervous he was all weekend. How the possibility of him losing his job was pretty real. I am glad he never mentioned that to me. I would have gotten kinda nervous too.

Well , he says that his prayers were answered. I say that mine were not.. b/c I was looking forward to a move. out. of. state. I have been itching to move for several years. Guess God has different plans for us. Yet another lesson in Trust.

We are however , ready to get the process of putting our house on the market going. We have some cleaning and boxing up to get it ready to show. I need to get out in the yard some more. We have a storage unit , and so we are taking trip after trip of totes over and things are starting to come together. The process of packing away the kids clothes is daunting. Andrew is helping, thank goodness.

Tatum's birthday was a great day and we celebrated her in fun ways. More to come in the next post.

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