Thursday, May 19, 2011

my baby girl turns FOUR!

Her birthday kinda snuck up on us... ok, well I did in fact know that four years ago I birthed her and she has been reciting that her birthday is on "may 9th" for about the last six months... but between our busy schedules and my work schedule.. it just came up fast! I had originally planned an blocked of Sat the 14th for her party, but realized when we got back from our Nashville trip, and the invitations hadn't even been designed yet.... um.. yeah that date was not going to happen. So rather then stress myself silly, we just decided to move her party date to June. Nothin' wrong with celebrating for a month right? Her birthday was last Monday, and it worked out great since Mondays are daddy's day off. Except he did have to go into his meeting to find out our future.. lol - Anyway.. I took Tatum downtown in the morning to order her birthday cake. I have never NOT made my kids bday cakes.. even last year.. if you remember Tatum's ginormous weddingish cake! ha. This year, I have sessions booked like crazy, and lots of other things going on with the sale of our house, so I just knew it would relieve some pressure to not be spending 4 plus hours decorating a cake. I think the Yellow Bowl Bakery will do just fine. After we designed her cake, we met daddy for lunch at Tatum's choice- Dog n Suds (drive thru).

Cept we don't eat food in our car ,so luckily the weather was nice and we got to sit on the patio. Below is Beckham holding a tight grip on his sister's new musical card from Grandpa. My grandma started a few years ago with sending my kids these cards and they just go nutz! My dad has now continued the tradition with filling our home and car with the repeated song choice.

My pretty FOUR year old girl.

digging in to a hot dog... mmmmmmm.

while at the bakery, I picked up a special birthday pink cupcake just for her.

after lunch we took her to the pottery place and she got to pick out a special piece to paint all. by. herself.

ok, maybe this control freak of a mama.. had to help just a little... (when she had painted over with the third color.. lol)

the above is her look, when she saw a fun surprise walk thru the door.....

Grandma!!! showed up with gifts and to help her paint too. She had a great time doing this. I am excited to go back and pick it up today. I don't think she'll realize how cool it was that she made it !

That night, daddy made a spaghetti dinner and we had a very. pink cake. Just perfect for my girly girl.

The poor girl, did keep asking when her friends where going to come over. and when was she going to get her presidents. (presents... in her 3-4 yr old language.. lol)

I have gotten her invitations out now, and the planning is well underway for her Royal Princess Party. Can't wait for it actually..

the next day at school, Miss T was the helper of the day again . I made some big ol' cupcakes with bright pink icing and lots of sprinkles.

She got lots of great gifts.. including a new bike, that she is just dying to ride, but we haven't been able to get the training wheels on yet. Need to take it in to the shop this weekend. Lots of barbies and other fun girly summer toys have taken over our living room. I think the had a great celebration of her birthday. I am so blessed to have this sweet and sassy girl in my life!

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