Tuesday, May 03, 2011

and so it goes...

week of May 2nd-

Monday- Brigham has a soccer game
Tuesday- I lead a women's bible study at church
Wednesday- baby Dr. appt, Tatum's preschool program and Brigham has soccer practice
Thursday- BNI meeting, photo session, cub scouts for Brigham
Friday - Tatum has a birthday lunch to attend, Life Group for the family at night.
Sat- Brigham soccer game, Photo session
Sunday- photo session, Mother's Day!! (celebration with the family!)

and throughout all this, I need to bake cookies for T's program, place client orders, finish filling client galleries, complete a biz project, make invitations for T's birthday and mail out, and shop for T's bday (which is May 9th.. um yeah. 6 days!!) however, we are having her big party on the 14th , so I have a bit of time...

This is the crazy, busy, life I lead... and we don't even have T-ball in here yet.. or our summer schedule- which is packed to the max already and school isn't even out!! lol

I love my LIFE and feel so incredibly blessed!

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