Thursday, February 09, 2006

ima loser baby....

that song is in my head.. and it just fits here...
I am a total loser at blogging..(but please don't kill me) somehow i have so much time to read about the fascinating lives of others.. that i cant update my own blog..
OR is it because i have such an insanely boring life...
I think the latter.

Actually last night as I lay (lie, ly) in bed, I had a million random thoughts going thru my head. I kept thinking.. this would be great to blog about... i should probably get up and write this all down..
NO , I convinced myself I would remember.. this so did not happen.
once a baby comes out of you.. One's memory is history.
don't ask me how come a man can't remember anything...!

So i finally got around to taking pictures of my house, without Christmas decor up, so I can give ya'll (those who care) a tour of my humble abode.
That term does not mean that I am very humble about my freaking big mansion.
it means humble, as in quaint, small, little.
HOWEVER, you will all have to wait.. and (this puts me on the spot to blog again!) for the tour, until tomorrow.

For now, I can sum up the last week pretty fast!

We took Brigham (our 18 month old son) to his FIRST college basket ball game. Unfortunately the Purdue Boilers could not show him what a win looks like! Poor guys , they try so hard, but just can't pull it off.
Guess that is what happens, when the hotheads decide fighting and beating up women is more important than playing ball. We lost a ton of starters!
Anyway, Brig was in total awe.. and loved the BALL. We had fourth row seats, behind the basket, so he clapped til his little hands were raw!! We hung out in the before the game at a reception for John Purdue Club Members. Getting cookies, and gold fish crackers.. and then seeing a ball!
gosh, that is just enough to make your whole world! at least if you are 18 months old!

We got together with several couples for dinner last weekend and recreated the newlywed game, in honor of Valentines Day.
amazing how much some people get their sig nif other (i think they cheat) and also how little some know. Its a wonder some of them are together!!!
I am proud to say, that Andrew and I finished off pretty well.. Except that he didn't guess right how many pair of shoes I have..(well, because I hide some, how could he know!)
How well do you know YOUR sig nif other???

Of course we spent SUNDAY doing the whole superbowl thing.. I have to admit, I could care less about the teams playing. the commercials are always fun though..
LOVE the magic fridge!!!

The mundane routine of the week began..ughh. and brig was sick so it made for fun battles with green slime and a fierce fist!!
I have to say, I love it when he is sick.. he is such a lover =)

I am in charge of planning a valentines couples event for tomorrow night, so I have been busy getting last minute rSVP's(do people NOT get this?) and little details done.
I also am helping with a pampering day for a mom's group I am in. I have been running around picking of donations from businesses. I am totally amazed at how giving people are!
Texas Roadhouse, gave a years supply of rolls!! (if you have ever had these things, you know how truly lucky you would be) they completely rock!

Of course I watched the bachelor. Im a Sarah from TN fan... Although I think it would be hysterical to see MOOOOAAANNA win!
I don't think T is the real thing anyway.
gosh, but it is so addicting.. and really what does that say, if you have to go on tv to find love?

gotta love my girl Kelly won a grammy! so amazing that chick.
and my new fave John Legend..
and of course J johnson.
could have done without Mariah.. that girl needs to go on what not to wear!

okay enough rambling of randomness., but that is seriously my life. living with a 1 1/2 year old!

those of you who pea... send me good scanner vibes...
I have a pile of Lo's I 've done, but can't get the freakin scanner to work...
it is sooo frustrating!!!
thanks for reading.. sorry I made you wait..


Kat said...

yay! been waiting for a new post from you- fun stuff : )
i totally do the same thing at night, i think up these great ideas on what to blog- then i always forget them!!! grrrr

can't wait to see your house pics : )

Mara said...

**good scanner vibes**

ok, hold on... you're a PURDUE fan? uh oh. I went to IU - I might have to stop reading :)

Jill said...

you're not a loser, just a MOM!
i totally know about things just vanishing from memory...
what was i saying?
oh yeah, so i keep a little notebook in my kitchen during the day to jot stuff down to blog or scrap. the kiddos often interrupt my train of thought and it helps if i write it down right then. maybe you could put a notepad by your bed and that would help?

sounds like a great time for Brigham at the b-ball game.

looking forward to the house photos and your new lo's!! ~~~~good scanning vibe sent~~~~

RACHEL =) said...


Nichole said...

Yep the boilers really aren't pullin through for us this year. They have had some random wins however. Cool to take the lil one to a game. I can't wait to do fun stuff like that with our kids someday.

Hailey said...

okay I am thinking good scanner thoughts as i type ;-) Can't wait to see the new LO's and to see where you live, posts like that are always fun since we only get to read about people's lives and not really *see* their actions/homes/surroundings.
I think it is funny you said you love it when Brigs is sick too!!! hehehe gotta love extra cuddly babies!

Darcy said...

I always think of things to blog-a-roo and then I too, forget. =(

So glad Brigham went to a game! Too bad we STINK!

So glad you updated! I was beginning to think that every weekend was your b-day weekend! SOunds good to me, eh?

Niki L said...

Great idea on the house pics, I was thinking of doing something like that, but have not gotten around to it. I love to see how other ppl have their homes decorated!!

Purdue sports are not that wonderful lately, huh! Sure am glad you're getting him started early though cheering for the right team!!

monica said...

I'm rooting for Sarah too on the Bachelor. I want some rolls from Texas Roadhouse, I could live on bread if it didn't make me fat!!! Good luck with your scanner, I know how much of a pain it is!!

Kelly N said...

AHH!! I thought you got your memory/ability to use your brain back when your kids turn one --- boy am I in trouble!


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