Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Heart Day!

I have been procrasinating... on getting my heart cards out.. finally got the pics on Sunday, but have not done the actual card.. but since it is a Hallmark holiday, I am sure my friends and family won't care if I decide what day to make it a heart day!
so here is the pic:

and I am just gonna do something real simple. I'll post a peek of the completed project..(if it is before Easter!)

So hopefully you all are enjoying lots of luvins from your sweeties.(of any age,gender,or species)

My sweetman, Andrew has class tonight so we will be doing.. nothing! before you go feeling all sorry for me..( i know you are)- we celebrated over the weekend.

We got all dressed up and went to dinner at our favorite(and expensive, so we have only been there twice). but neverthe less, it is our favorite Japanese restaurant.

We ate fabulous sushi .. and I even tried a few new kinds..although I would not recommend sea urchin. It tastes like mud! But everything else was delish..

We sat at this table with like 3 other couples.. its the kind where the cook right in front of you! gotta love Jap man humor! Our cook was HILARIOUS!! all he talked about was american girl..

with it being valentines and everything. this guy ran with the "nasty" content. I felt so bad for this poor little 8yr old boy! I just prayed he could not unterstand let alone comprehend the "adult" humor.

anywhoo, we enjoyed a fab dinner and then came home to cuddle and watch a non romantic Oceans Twelve!

I am going to leave you in suspense a tad longer as to what kind of box I live in.. since I got tagged.

Sweeties Niki and Christy both tagged me on this one.. (so does that mean i can double my answers?) okay, so I won't bore you that long..

Here goes:

Three names you go by:

1. ELizabeth

2. Beth

3. Mama

Three everyday essentials:

1. Deoderant..(i could live without. but no one else could)

2. Lipstick.. or Burts Bee's

3. Diet coke

Three things I am wearing right now:

1. new jeans in a new smaller size..with BLING on the pockets

2. black turtleinmy neck sweater

3. new necklace that ANdrew got me with rhinestone,pink, pearls,sterling.. BLING!!

Three fave songs:(right now, they change weekly)

1.Behind these hazel eyes- Kelly Clarkson

2. Good is good-Sheryl Crow

3. Walk by Faith- Jeremy Camp

Two truths and a lie

1. I have flown across the ocean 3 times

2. I spent the night with Zack from saved by the bell(i know i am dating myself)

3. I have a tattoo and 9 piercings

Three fave hobbies:

1. scrapbooking.. duh

2. Photography

3.shopping.. (yes it is a hobby)

Three things I really wanna do right now:

1.go on vacation

2. have a baby

3. eat ice cream

Three places I really want to go:

1. New Zealand



Three things I want to do before I die:

1. Open my dream of a salan/day spa

2. go on a mission trip to Romania and then adopt a child from there

3. take my grandkids on a vacation!

Three peopleI'd like to see take the quiz:

1. Jill

2. Rachel


HAve a most beautiful heart day!

don't eat too much chocolate. don't inhale to many flower fumes.. and don't burn to many calories... ummm being all mushy!!


Hailey said...

Burts BeesWAX is the BEST Chapstick in the world!!! I am seriously addicted to the stuff, I always have at least four or five going at a time - by the bed, in the car, in my purse, in my work bag, in my bathroom...Hugh even tried to buy me a whole display of the chapstick once but the store would not let him! hahaha!!!
Love the V-day pic...sooooo sweet looking.

Emily said...

enjoyed reading these things about you :)

Kat said...

omg, you DID NOT spend the night with zack from saved by the bell!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would just die!
fun fun stuff
happy vday to you too : )

Jill said...

beautiful picture of your cutie son!!!

loved reading your answers, i think the lie is the 'spending the night w/zach'. where have you been if 'flown across the ocean 3 times' is true??

gee thanks for that taggage!

Darcy said...

What a cute picture of Brigham! Sounds like you had some nice, fun grown up time at the restaurant. =)

I am also guessing that you did not spend the night with Zach from SBTB.. I forot about that show! =)

cybilmarie said...

trying to comment, we will give it a trial run!

cybilmarie said...

okay, that worked! I've been reading your blog whenever you post. You are too funny! It has been interesting getting to know the grown up you! swing by my space at cybil's scribbles (just google it) and check out our family. Can you believe my oldest is 15!

ta for now

Niki L said...

What a great post, you are so funny!!! I am guessing you do not have 9 piercings (only b/c the Zack one is so funny I want it to be true) ;)

What a cute picture, so perfect for the occasion. I'm with you on the Walk by Faith-Jeremy Camp song...I LOVE IT!!

Way to go on the BLING JEANS!!

Niki L said...

I forgot....you are my HERO for adding me to your list of blogs you visit! I feel so special and it's all thanks to you. :):):)

RACHEL =) said...


Kelly said...

Ok - gotta have the scoop on Zach!! If not PLEASE don't tell me where those nine piercings are because I'm sure they hurt - and I thought you didn't like unnecessary pain!


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