Tuesday, February 28, 2006

all rolled into one!

okay.. today will be a whole bunch of random stuff all rolled into one post!
to recap..
my 2 truths and a lie..
drumbroll.. please.... I have NOT been across the ocean three times! this my friends, is false, oh, how I wish it were true.. but I guess I have things to aspire to..(i have only been twice!)
so this means that...
1. Yes, I do in fact have a tat and 9 piercings. My tattoo is small and on my back, and often I forget that I even have it.. The piercings.. well, most are in my ears.. (although I don't wear earings in all of them.. that would be SO eighties!).. though, it probably will make a come back.. along with the ear wrap??? anyone know what I am talking about?? Oh, I was the coolest.. with a dangly earwrap!!
2. Yes, I did in fact spend the night with Zack Morris, aka Mark Paul Gosselaar, from saved by the bell!! Please don't hate me... it was a crazy night in my senior year of high school.. Would you believe two friends of mine.. actually stood in line at a monster truck show.. just to get his autograph.. well, one thing led to another.. ( probably his excitement with girls over the age of 11, and not with their mothers!).. yada, yada, yada.. .Yeah, he was not that impressive..
However, he has matured after his stint on NYPD blue..etc. etc.

Okay,, and my lil song about my house in the middle of the street.. well, that was from the group Madness.
The quote about the pale moon light.. of course.. BATMAN, you sillies.

So before I continue with my house tour let tell you how the infamous website twopeasinabucket.. can , well, cause some frightening issues to occur.

Yesterday morning, I woke my son up, and sat him out in front of the ever so fumourous Lazy town, with his cereal and milk. This is usually a morning routine, and Brigham is quite content.. to just be mezmorized by Stephanie and the funky pink hair of hers...
So, I started his bath water running, and I went into the office to Pea.... well, I kinda know about how long it takes for the water to fill up,... so , I keep looking through the gallery...
of course this would be a monday,, and it would be so full of amazing talent, that I just have to keep posting praise..
I soon realized that it has been a bit longer, and I should go turn the water off. As I go into the bathroom, I yell out to Brigham to come get his bath..

I walked into this: Yep. He had climbed into the bathtub, with his jammies on!! I could not believe it!! He just sat their giggling and playing with the bubbles.. of course, I had to run and get my camera!
That little stinker.. I can't believe I did not hear him.. (the office is only like 2o ft away from the bathroom).. He must have known he had to be careful, cuz he did not splash, or worse.. fall in!
I have never even let him climb in by himself. We always lift him into the tub. Well, I guess they never cease to amaze us!

So here is the last bit of the tour.. Brigham's room. Two walls are yellow and the other two are green.. when we first painted.. we thought there would be no way he could sleep.. he'd be 'blinded by the light'.... luckily, he does just fine.
I have such a hard time taking pictures of a room in its entirety.. oh well, you get the idea.. only thing you cant see his his cute lil toybox and the fun animal knobs from PB that I put on his closet doors. How fun was it to decorate this room. I am now getting the itch for a new theme for him as he will be two this summer, and hopefully be moving to a bigboy bed soon. I still have one more cycle that I can pick the decor for his room!! I usually look at PB or Posh Tots for decorating ideas.

so this is the master bed and bath.. although I am in the process of changing it up .. it is pretty much a shabby chic look.. with a mixture of soft colors and textures..
unfortunately you can't see much in the pic.. and I did not have all my stuff on the walls yet..

yeah, that is me in the mirror.. trying to take the pic..!!
..and the last room here is the scraproom/office..
gosh, did not realize the photo was that dark..
but it hides my mess, i guess!!
there are really tall bookshelfs on the other side that have tons of reference books and frames and sports stuff.. of course I had to let that come into the decor..(but only classy stuff w/ similar color scheme!)

so that is it for the tour of my humble abode..
and its (finally) the end of my post..

get your tastebuds ready for the scrumptious recipe post tomorrow!!

have a super day!


Wendy said...

I don't remember anything you wrote after reading you really did spend the night with Zack Morris aka MarkPaul.

Darcy said...

I LOVE your bathroom!!! Diggin the shabby chic look!!!! Thanks for the house tour!

Jill said...

OH MY GOODNESS, that must have given you a heart attack to see Brigham in the bath! of course he looks so cute sitting there w/his jammies on. that little smarty.

i love how your house is decorated! so cute. i love the different color walls, i did Xave's room w/a different color each wall and it's my favorite room!

i can't believe that movie quote is from Batman, man i'm a LOSER!!

and i can't believe you met Mark Paul, oh my! what was he like?! i could have sworn that one was the lie...can't believe it!

Jaime said...

OMGoodness. I am cracking up over the photo of him in the tub!!!! TOO CUTE! Hehe..they're sneaky like that ;o)

You have a GORGEOUS home...so beautifully decorated!!!!


Niki L said...

How AWESOME about Zack Morris!!! I so wanted that one to be true!;)

Your house is really cute and you have great decorating skills. Also, the bathtub picture CRACKED me up!! He's a sneaky one.

JDexter said...

Had to come check out the blog since you haven't posted on peas!!! :-)

That must have been scary when you first saw Brigham in there and then funny once you knew he was safe. Look at his face - up to something.

Your home looks so lovely. You've done such a wonderful job with your new home. Beautiful!


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