Monday, April 03, 2006

and the winner is......

well, it certainly is NOT me..
i am the world's worst blogger..
but did you know that they have awards for this crazy addiction???
Yep, its true, I saw on Dateline last week that the first annual Bloggie Awards were handed out.
(was going to post on this subject a week ago, but just would not be me, if I was not very sparatic in my postings!).. so I am doing it today!.

They had some interesting catagories.. most british... best European, etc..
There are appearantly some 30.6 million blogs around, and of all of these, the judges(who have way too much time on their hands).. chose a mere 30 winners.

The best Irish blog was "girl with a one track mind".. in it the author just reveals the escapades of her sex life.. and appearantly, she has a lOT to write!!

The best Eurpean blog was called "my boyfriend is a word that Josh cant say on Dateline-nbc"

The best Humorous is called "overheard in New York".. this one actually sounds pretty amusing..
the author compiles lists of sentence fragments and emails heard through out the streets on New York..
that one kinda makes me think of the "headlines that Jay Leno does" and when the last names of potential couples are listed in the marriage section.. You wonder if this could be real, but obviously somone is spending their "spare" time scoping these things out!! and providing us entertainment in the process.

BOING BOING won the bestest award there is.. the LIFETIME ACHIEVMENT award..
this would be fitting, since the author of this blog is only six years old!

One of the most interesting, that I found, was the "my secret" blog. This won for the best american blog. the author simply asks for anyone to send him a postcard stating their secret. he then scans it in and posts it on his blog.
any thing from the most trivial to the big whoppers.. are posted from people all over the country.
And the coolest thing about these awards, is that there actually is a prize.. a whopping $20.06 !!!

So I ask you, why do you blog?? I wonder how much time, do you actually spend reading other people's blogs.. and what purpose does it serve you?
If you had to hand out awards for the above mentioned catagories.. who would you choose?

My husband completely makes fun of me, for having entered the blog world . He has some few choice words, about it that I can't say on blogger.
wait, what am I saying.. I control this blog..!!, but I choose not to for fear, I could offend someone.
I keep trying and trying to explain this addiction.. when I reveal that it actually stemmed from a scrapbooking addiction, then he really says I've lost it!

So I wonder, do your husbands or significant others, think you're crazy, for spending hours on the computer, telling random thoughts, or even pouring out your hearts to total strangers.. and much less, potentially the whole world???
Personally, I don't have that much time to invest. My schedule is busting at the seams between, all the activities I have with Brigham, or organizations, I am part of, or preparation for offices I hold, or trying to manage home with my business.
Some of you know, that I am not the best when it comes to keeping in bloggy touch. I have found many of you to be very entertaining, and interesting, and down right hilarious.
I love those of you who are REAL. The ones who say it like it is. The ones that admit that life aint a bowl of ice cream. There is a whole lotta crap in our lives.. and I love to hear the "REAL" stuff.
I think that people who are willing to share the downs of life.. are the ones that are the truest.
It is hard to believe when some one is always "UP" and has everything so "good".
anyway, that may just be the first catagory that I award.. KEEPIN IT REAL.
feel free to nominate yourselves.

I have decided to take a new approach in my blogging.. but this will mean I will have to be disciplined. I am committing to blogging 3 times during the week, and once on the weekends.
I look forward to this new direction in my blog, and hope that anyone who reads it will benefit in some way.
thanks for all of you, who take time to read the randomness in my head..
Here is a LO that I did of Brigham with one of his new toys at Christmas. I love to see him constantly learning new things. He has such an intense look on his face, as he focuses on new skills.
Happy Monday!


Kat said...

they have awards???!!!! thats so funny!!! didn't "pink is the new blog" win anything??
hmmm, i blog, cause its fun i guess. i like sharing my stories and pictures, and love reading everyoen elses. defiently do it cause of my scrapbook addiction- wouldnt' have found out about it otherwise!!!

Nichole said...

AWARDS that is the craziest thing i have ever heard.
I spend alot of time reading others blogs. I have gotten so busy lately though that I have slacked in my own.

Also do it to keep in touch with family.
Adorable LO. I love the colors...very vibrant.

RACHEL =) said...

OMG, would never have guessed that there were awards for blogging, haha!!!
Scott DOES think I'm crazy for spilling my guts on my blog for everyone to read -- but it's like therapy for me, and I love the people I have met through blogging!!
Ditto Kat, I started cuz of my scrappin addiction!! I love this crazy blog world!! =)

Mara said...

blog awards?
how come I didn't win?!

monica said...

I hear ya chica, that's why my blog is called Just Keeping It Real!

I love those people who say it like it is and have no shame in it. I think I'm one of those people most of the time, but then I don't ever want to hurt anyone's feelings. But for now I'm just gonna keep it real. =)

Darcy said...

I was introduced to this blog world through scrapping!! I never knew they existed til I checked people's out from 2Peas.

The awards totally cracked me up!!! =)

Jill said...

oh wow, bloggy awards?!
i love the bright LO you posted here, great title!!

Chris-el-da said...

i love Post Secret. i bought the book! such great art in that thing too!

i read all 200 pages in like... two minutes. insanity!

anyway, i like your blog, you should do this more often... for us!


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