Wednesday, April 19, 2006

still recovering

from the weekend!!
yep, it has taken me until Wednesday to be able to post. I guess I should stop saying "out loud" that I have intentions to blog more frequently.. because it almost never happens!!
REally, I do mean to spend more time blogging, but life just gets so busy.

I truly hope everyone of you had an awesome Easter weekend. Our entire last week, was awesome, as we spent lots of quiet time in reflection as to the meaning of Easter.
One of our friends gave the most powerful sermon on Maundy Thursday and then on Friday our church did a really moving thing, where in almost darkness, people were invited to walk up and "nail their sins" to a big cross in the front. The only sound was the hammering. Very intense.

I also stayed up on Friday and watched the Ten commandments. I can't believe I had never seen that one before. Yes, the acting and the special effects were extremely out there...
but it was a cool story. Hollywood has definately come a long way since then.

Well, we had horrible storms last weekend too.. A tornado warning on Friday night. Andrew was in route from work to home while the sirens were going off. I have the biggest fear of tornadoes, and was trying to stay calm and keep Brigham calm and quiet so that I could hear the weather reports. I think he sensed I was tense, because he was soo figety and whiney.. the more I shhhh'd him, the more he escalated his whine...
The phone rang, and Andrew was calling me from church.. he had thought I was there, and in the middle of the Good Friday service, the pastor came out and told everyone what was going on with the weather.
So , since Andrew knew I would be scared to death, he decided, to leave the safety of a HUGE church basement, and DRIVE home through it!!
.... and this was supposed to make me feel better!!!
anyway, the wind died down, and everything was fine, but it was quite and eventful Friday.
oh yeah, and while I was doing laundry, the washing machine decided to start smoking and it was determined later that the transmission was out. So we either pay $300 bucks for a new one, or we just go buy a new washer . So we're now making trips to several applicance stores.!!

Saturday, my dad came over to watch Brigham so that we could have a date night. He even gave us money so we could go out to dinner. My mom had given us money too, so that we could go get each of us a new Easter outfit!!
I don't know about any of you, but whenever I have money to burn, I can never find anything!!
It took us forever to find a new shirt for andrew and a new dress for me.
We went to dinner at one of my favorite places. This joint has the best fried dill pickle chips..
MMMMM> dip them in horseradish sauce, and it is just heaven!!

We were finishing up our dinner and planning on heading to Wally world to get Easter basket stuff for our egg hunt the next day..
We were almost home, when the blue and red flashing lights came up behind us!!
Yes, we were pulled over!!! unbelievable--
turns out, a campus cop had been following us for awhile, and for some random reason ran my plates.
they were not in the system.... is why she pulled us over. Then come to find out, my tags were expired two years! My last registration known was 2004!!!
WHAT?????? this was crazy... I had no idea at all.
So, after we got a ticket for $112.oo, they politely (there were now three cop cars around us) that it would be unlawful for them to allow us to operate this vehicle.
SO they impounded my poor jetta. We were both a little mad, but what can you we had to get everything out of my car, and pack into a squad car, and then got dropped off at home.
What a romantic date huh????
The best part was that because it was the weekend, we could not get the car out til Monday.
well, so we thought. I had to show proof of payment for updated registration, and conveniently the License branch was closed on Mondays.
I had to pay for two extra days for them to take ever so great care of my Greta.(yes, my car has a name.. Greta the Jetta).
side note.. when we finally picked up the car on Tues. there is a big sign that says... Warning: Do not enter with a hostile attitude or an abusive mindset. we reserve the right to withhold your car....... Guess they have had some not so pleasent situations. and they are not known for hiring very nice people.
Seriously, this is a gold mine, though, after I saw how many cars were in the lot, and being charged $25 a day.. and get this.. They are not responsible for any damage, theft or fire done to the vehicles... surprising huh??!!! funny, though, they have the lot all chained up and with barbed wire at the top. Don't know that anyone would be getting through anyway!
okay, we got the car back and all is well.
Sunday was an awesome day. The weather was beautiful. the food was great. the chocolate was fabulous. We had a blast with family and friends.
Brigham had so much fun with the easter grass.
I have pics.. but will have to post later.
Last week, Brigham decided throwing the digital camera was more fun than a ball and he chucked it on the drive way.
We are now researching cameras.
Are you tired yet???
I am exhausted, just typing out this crazy antics that occured this weekend.
Plus, I came down with a cold and had no voice until yesterday.
I hosted my bible study last night so I was up making a dessert and cleaning the house..etc.
and then this morning I had to be a co hostess for a women's organization I belong to.
Finally, I got to relax today, when one of my closest friends, came to visit.
She and her husband are real good friends of ours, and they moved to Virginia about a year ago.
Her husband is deployed, so she made the trip to IN for a herself, with two kids under two. She is a very brave woman!
It was so much fun to have our kids reconnect too.
Of course no pics either since my camera was MIA.
man, this is really going to bring angst to my life....
any suggestions on real good cameras... would be awesome.=)


Chris-el-da said...

hi elizabeth!! i found you through the pea vine. cameras... besides the Rebel?? i like anything Canon makes. love me some cameras. you can buy one of mine. teehee.

and holy moly! your life was crazy this weekend. glad you took it so well, i would've cried and sobbed all weekend.

Niki L said...

Whoa! That was a TOO CRAZY weekend! What's up with the plates being expired....that stuff can be so confusing!! Glad you got your Greta back safe and sound.

I have no idea about a good camera so I'm no help there, but I'm looking forward to you getting a new one so we can see more pics!!

Nichole said...

wow!!! what a weekend. I have went for a year without knowing about my tabs...because it was the first time I had to pay them and because I had moved they sent the notice to the wrong address.. IN my college days I probably would have thought it was junk mail anyway. to have the ticket and have to pay the registration though...i feel your pain. Camera??//??? I have been looking myself. Easter was really good...but i usually get more reflection on Good Friday..but had to i didn't get to a service...yours sounded amazing.

Kat said...

ohmygosh my brothers were in a tornado last week!!!!!!!!!! that is sooooo freakin scary. i'd rather deal with earthquakes than tornados any day.....
i name my cars too. bruce the beamer and pancho verde, a green suburban. translated i guess pancho verde = frank green. found that hysterical.......
bummer about your car : (
and sounds like you've been super busy!!!!
you need to take a scrappin vaca, do nothing but scrap all day one day! (i need to do that too, come mto think of it........)

Jill said...

what a bummer about your car tags, i love the car name though!! yeah, tornado weather freaks me out too, glad you guys stayed safe!

angieoh! said...

Hi CJ girl! Can't wait to get to know you and hear about your adventures! Be safe!

monica said...

Can't wait to CJ with you!!!!


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