Monday, June 12, 2006

where have all the cowboys gone?

ok, so my title has absolutely nothing to do with the post.. but that song has been stuck in my head for like the last week and a half... (does anyone remember that one) and because the only titles I could think of were completely lame..

so I did actaully blog last week.. I know, I know you probably don't believe me since it has been, um 16 days since my last post..
But really I did.. and it was a good post, with lots of cool picts.. and whitty comentary, and it took me over 2 hours do finish it..
but blogger was not playing very nicely, so when I was frustrated enough by the lack of participation that blogger had in uploading my picts.. I finally called it quits.
Went to publish my post.. and WHAM!!! it was gone.. yep, maintenance problems or something.. and of course I had not saved it yet!!

So I will save that one for later on in the week..

last Friday, andrew called me in the middle of the afternoon, and asked if I could find a sitter.. he would not tell me why.

He had been working overtime for the last couple weeks, which means he was not coming home until 10 pm and working 12 hour days on Sat. So this was a complete surprise that he was going to come home early!!

I did not have to persuade my mom to watch Brigham.. in fact he got to spend the night, and she kept him all day Saturday too!!

Andrew and I had an awesome night. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse.. one of my faves.
I was even good, and only ate 1 roll.. and got the veggies and salmon, . (i usually indulge in 3-4 rolls and get the baked potato and steak)..

after dinner we went shopping... (my husband actually was willing to go to the mall??)
i have been complaining for the last couple months, how none of my clothes fit , so un beknownst to me, he set aside some "clothes money" for me.
He did not complain once, as I was very indecisive on this excursion!!

Next, we went to see the BREAK UP!!.. and my hubby gave me cash to go get a mongo Diet Mt. Dew and milk duds..
trying to figure out why did I even bother eating healthy at the roadhouse?

anyway if you have not seen this movie.... it is an absolute MUST!!
Vince and Jennifer are totally hot in the movie, which made it very easy to watch =)
I have always liked Vince, but he is now in my top two fave actors.
about 20 minutes into this movie, I turned to andrew and said "we need to own this".
seriously, I think the writers were flies on our walls. the relationship issues, the converstations, the miscommunication.. it was so REAL!!!
plus, Vincent D'Onfofrio (law and order ci) played Vince's big brother.. and he was hilarious in the movie.
Jason Bateman.. (yep he is still around) is one of "the guys" and a look alike to Tom Brady .
it was sweet, romantic, bust a gut, bust a fist thru the wall, all at the same time.
the best that there was lots of SWINGER moves considering Jon Favreau was Vince's best friend.
awesome , awesome movie.. and it took place in Chicago.. so what could be better?

after the movie, we went to our fave little bar around the corner.. i tried to live it up by downing a Long island... this was MY drink in college.. now, not so much. I could barely get thru it..
I am such a wuss.. so I settled for good old COORS LT.

we ended up being out tile 3 am.. and it was so much fun to "live" again =)

Saturday, I got some more flowers and got them in, before it rained. then since I was kidless, I went downtown to all the trendy little shops, which are very inticing for little hands, but not for this stay at home mama's budget!

it was fun to just be by myself for a while.
that night, we all met my mom for dinner at this little greek place.. YUMM-O!!
Here is Brigham on a sugar high, eating a chocolate creme pie!

**** pretend here is the adorable little guy with whipped cream all over his face! *******

Well, I was going to show you all how are VBS room turned out. We are going to call it UNDER THE SEA community child care.. cuz the infant thru 2 year olds are going to be called
Covenant Cove..(our church is Covenant Prebyterian).
It is so cute.. but since blogger is not cooperating.. I don't want to even attempt this..
also, its midnight, and I have to teach 20 kids under two tomorrow morning.!!!

I have been working on a few scrappy things too.. got my cj sent out for Felica's fabulous life of...
you can check it out on 2peas if you want...
hopefully later this week, I will get to post some pics.. URGH!!!!

later peeps =)


Mara said...

aww, good hub.
glad you had a good weekend.

Kat said...

what an awesome night out! i'm jealous!!!!
can't wait to see the pics : )

em said...

It sounds like you had a great night!! I really want to see the breakup!!! Your review makes me even more excited!!

Niki L said...

Dang it!! I wanted to see the pictures. Blogger is so sensitive!!

What a nice thing for your hubby to think of to do! Glad you had fun and I also highly recommend the Break Up movie!!

monica said...

Blogger did the same thing to me last week. I have finally decided to just read other blogs and not update mine. I hate wasting 2 hours of my time and not having my work shown.

Dang blogger!!!!

Kelly said...

Sorry I missed your pool invite yesterday. I'm terrible about checking my messages. AND Samuel and I actually trekked to the mall yesterday to run a gazillion errands before he went into melt mode around 3:30 (silly me forgot the Cheerios!)

Hope VBS is going well - praying for ya -

Let's definately get together - a walk - some diet coke - something!


angieoh! said...

I was starting to wonder what happened to you! Your date night sounds wonderful...what a sweet husband you have!!!

Felicia said...

Blogger erased everything I did last night. So I had to do it all over again this morning. Sounds like you had a great time with your hubby. I think we have a lot in common... The roadhouse, long islands, the break up (loved it). Now I am really craving the rolls from the Roadhouse.

Babs said...

How sweet of your hubby! Very thoughtful.

Chris-el-da said...

i hate when blogger acts up
but there is a nice button called "Recover post" that would've saved some angst

and now that song is stuck in my head...

Jill said...

yep, i can't stand blogger!!
that's why i switched, no problems yet.


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