Thursday, August 24, 2006

me and my beautiful balloon

up up and away..with my beautiful balloon.
does anyone remember that song?

We went to a 1st bday party and wouldn't you know, my kid released the BIG cluster of helium shaped balloons within ten minutes of being there!!

It was a pool party, and I was in the water, Brig ran over and grabbed them, just then I noticed that the bag of marbles was not attached. I yelled for my friend's husband to grab, but it was not in time!!

Luckily they had another bouquet inside, which Brigham was able to grab a blue one out of it!

We went out to dinner the other night at O'charleys and of course he HAD to have a balloon during dinner. Yep, this one lasted all of 3 minutes, before it took off to the rafters! It was blue too.

As the waiter gave us the check, he came back with a HUGE GREEN balloon. seriously, bigger than his head!!

I think fear was set in, b/c for the last 4 days, the light blue and the BIG green balloon have gone everywhere. they go into the car. and back into the house. and into the bedroom at nap time(but I do pull them out before he falls asleep!). and YES, even in the tub!!

Did you notice his big grin in the pics? It has become official.. that I always have a camera in hand. As soon as he sees it , he immediately grins and says CHE-EEEESE!!!

cracks me up!!

I started back to work this week. Not too many kids, so thats good, but I am sure it will pick up when pre school starts. Moms always like to drop off the little ones, while the older siblings are in school!

Had our first bible study of the semester and it went really well. I had to lead solo, since Andrew is working Sunday nights. Our study is on Growing together in Christ, by Homebuilders. I am so psyched about this one!!

Well, I will leave you with my latest page.. guess its a TWO PAGER!!! I can hardly believe it!!

(um just kidding.. you can check it out on 2peas)

have great Thursday =)


Wanda E. Santiago said...

He is adorable!! Got to love ballons!! Hugs Wanda

Babs said...

He really loves that balloon!

Kat said...

yay for balloons! too cute ;)

Mara said...

love the balloons :)

Valerie said...

He is just too cute with those balloons!! Love the pics!!

RitasCottage said...

Great pics! What a cutie pie :)

Wendy said...

Cute pics...what is it about balloons that makes them so fascinating, anyway?

amber said...

Thanks for dropping by the blog and saying hi. Your son is a cutie!!!


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