Thursday, August 10, 2006

some random stuff.

yeah, have not done a random post for awhile.

can you tell which kid's mom is addicted to scrappbooking? actually both are, but my kid is putting out the cheese! i am loving the too big shorts.. they look like jams. my mom thinks he looks like an old man.

quite frankly there is not to big of difference between a baby and an old man. mushy foods. diapers.babbling about nonsense!

this is my cutie head with his little friend Noah. the moms conned the dads into going to Hobby Lobby. we individually bribed them with dinners out.. (conveniently located near HL!).

I stocked up on patterned paper and letters, and a bunch of cardstock.
I am so bummed that of course the heidi swapp stuff was not included in the sale.

we went to a concert at our downtown train depot. The Clayton Miller Band (local fave) has made it to the finals of that reality show of Regis'. "America's Got Talent".

They came back to perform. Actually its just Ld on the harmonica, and his brother Clayton on drums and vocal.. but they used to play with other guys. It was cool to hear them.

Brigham loved every minute of it.. and was a crowd pleaser with his fancy moves! I swear this kid is part African American. this boy can dance!!

Don't know if you can see the kid in black on the harmonica.

He just blows me away with talent. We started going to hear him and his family play five years ago, when he was just ten years old. He was so cute.

He's grown up now, and lost some of that cuteness appeal. Hopefully his talent will get them thru. Check it out Wednesday August 16th is the finals.

We took brigham to his first movie on Tuesday. Andrew took the day off and we just played . We saw Barnyard. Brig lasted 45 minutes before he got very loud. animated. and yelling out every kind of animal that was on the screen, and added the noise each one made.

though cute, I am sure it was a bit annoying for the other people in the theatre. Its a kid movie in the middle of the afternoon, so I am sure it was to be expected, but brigham was by far the youngest kid in there. so we left early, but truthfully the movie was really bad.

and i was rooting for it b/c Kevin James plays the lead "cow". sorta funny. really stupid.

He was mezmerized by the screen and totally enjoyed his little kids pack of popcorn, lemonade, and pixie stix. Guess his loudness could be a result of sucking pure sugar thru a straw.. who knows!!

pictures next time around.

been scrapping lately. and Lisa made the cutest layouts of Brigham for me. She is quite the "blue star" designer. though I always refer to her as the blues tard designer!! I read it like that everytime she posts. man does her talent blow me away. Thanks SO much girl. =)

you can check em out on twopeas since I can't post any more pics.

hope everyone is having a great week, and the weekend is right around the corner!


Kat said...

such a cute pic! love the big shorts, too cute!
45 minutes, not bad. about half the movie, right? aim for an hour next time........ ;)

Mandy Ford said...

Your little boy is toooo cute! :) Glad to "meet" another Indiana pea...where do you live? I'm in Richmond. :)

Valerie said...

Love the pics of your little boy, he's such a cutie!! And lovin' his dancing moves!! Loved hte random post!! Have an awesome weekend!!

melissa said...

such a cute picture!
and I am so jealous that you got to see the Miller Band live, they are my favorite on 'Americas got Talent' :)

BTW-thanks for stopping by my blog,and of course I dont mind you reading it!


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