Thursday, February 15, 2007

happy love day to you !

this is the card that we sent out to friends and family! My friend Jennifer did not ONE , but TWO photo shoots, bless her heart, so that we could get the right shots.

Hard for a two year old, to keep his sweater straight, hair combed, heart in place and smile --all at the same time.

These turned out adorable, but I am a tad biased =)

Last week we kicked off LOVE day by having a little valentines party here at the house. With 5 of Brigham's little friends and their mamas, we had a great time, making cute little heart mouse animals, decorating cookies, eating heartshaped muffins, and reading a valentine story. Not to mention lots of free play, when every single toy we own, came out of the woodwork! Brigham got a big kick out of all the decorations, so I left them up until yesterday!

Monday we went to another valentines party at our friends Parker and Sadie's house. Lots of kids, lots of sugar, lots of energy.

Brigham really made out this year with so many little valentines from all his little friends. He is so proud , the little bag is sitting up on our mantel, and he likes to bring it down and show off its contents to anyone who will look!!

I think Brigham has become a pro at cookie decorating too. Since we were in a blizzard for the last 2 1/2 days, we pretty much stayed put. Daddy's work was even cancelled so , he stayed home and got a taste of what a stay at home mom does!!

Lucky for me I got a repreave from changing ANY diapers!!

anywho, yesterday Brigham and I made heart cut out cookies, while Andrew shoveled the driveway. Last night after our romantic dinner of chinese takeout, we all decorated cookies!

I'll post pics of us digging out of the 17 inches of snow and 6 ft drifts later . I'm stuck inside again, b/c the poor Jetta does horrible in the snow, and our subdivision is still not plowed very well.

Hopefully, I'll get caught up on all the stuff I didn't do the last two days, and maybe even get some scrapping done.

hope you're all doing well and I hope to talk to many of you soon!


rev said...

that card is amazing! LOVE those pictures of your little man!!

Valerie said...

The pictures of the little guy is abolutely adorable!! I love it!! Glad you had a good LOVE day!!


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