Monday, February 05, 2007

jack frost has come for a visit...

right here in Indiana!! my bible study was cancelled today. schools were cancelled today. busses were on delay today.

it is -17 degrees today!!! (well, according to the windchill, that's what they say it feels like).

I'll take their word for it. We are staying inside ALL day.

My dog is somewhat warmer in her dog house in the garage. We put some extra blankets on top of it. My poor kitty just will NOT come inside, or in the garage, rather.

Last winter we tried and tried, and he would just run, every time we went to grab him. He had a little hiding spot behind our neighbor's shed.
This year he stays warm and away from the wind up on our front porch either on the mat. or on the chair. He's all curled up, and with his winter coat, I guess he stays warm.
We worred about him Sat night and Andrew actually caught him and put him in the garage with Hailey.
Next morning when we left for church, he made a beline as soon as the garage door went up.
Silly cat. can't say we have not tried.

I have not found him this morning, so I hope that means that he is safe and snuggely somewhere warm and sheltered.

In other news.... THE COLTS WON !!!!!!!!
well, not that we're big fans or anything, but it still cool to actually have a superbowl winner in your homestate!! I think I might actually go buy myself a tshirt for this one.
anyway I still love football, so I don't care who is playing. I love all the hype. Love the commercials. Those Doritos ones had me cracking up. Oh and the rock scissors one. hilarious.
Plus, I LOVE getting together with friends, nothing like SUper bowl parties, where you drink and chow down on munchies for hours.(well, that was like 5 Sierra Mists for me, thank you very much!). My hubby taste tested his way through the game as there was a huge array of frothy beverages.
We had sucha goood time.

Other news.. I had my Dr. appt last week. I am now in my SEVENTH month!!!! YAY>
seriously, I can't believe how fast this time is going. Its been such an easy pregnancy too. Not that Brigham's was hard. But I was working up until my due date. This time around, I can sleep when I want to. Eat when I want to. Thankfully, I have not felt very sick at all with either pregnancy.
I have officially gained TEN pounds now. No stretch marks, thankfully. I am getting an increased appetite. Starting to crave Diet Dr. Pepper and bagels. Not really into sweets right now either.
Babies are being born all around me. My good friend Kim just had her baby boy last week. We went to the hospital to see him, and gosh, I just can't believe how tiny they are. Somehow I have forgotten.
My dear friend Kelly is on bed rest for the last two months of her pregnancy. Prayers are being said every day for you and your little one. He/she needs to stay put just a little longer!!
and my other friend Kelli is in the home stretch. We are trying to plan our nursery decor, and not being very proactive with it either.
and Kat , dear kat, you need to have that baby like NOW. I can't wait to see what you have keeping all snug in there. Surely he/she wants is ready to enter the world this week!!

I am hoping we can get down to Potterybarn Kids in the next couple weeks, to pick up the bedding. I have got to get started on Brig's room too. we are moving him into the big boy bed soon, and I am redoing his room to a more 'big boy' theme. Can't wait to see it all come together.
I'll leave you with a pic of me at 7 months!!!


Valerie said...

Hopefully it gets warmer whre you are!! YAY for being 7 months..glad it's going so well!! And I agree Kat has to have her baby soon so we can him/her!!

Rita said... finally got cold here too. now I miss the warmer days. Yeah for the Colts (they were my pick after the Pat's were out)! 7 months already. good luck elizabeth :)


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