Thursday, February 08, 2007

my 'almost' dreamhouse

So here is the house that we're NOT getting. cuz there is a pending offer on it. Bummer! I just love it. It already has our colors in it so we wouldn't have to repaint to match our decor. Its in our price range. and its in a much WARMER climate =)
the search continues. guess I should trust that GOD has the plan for us.
but seriously.. this kitchen----------------------------------------

thought I'd fake out blogger. pics first. whatdya know?? it worked.

Me at 7 months!!! Feeling great =) total pounds gained-- ten!!

no swelling, no nausea(unless changing a crappy diaper!), starting to have increased appetite

82 more days!! WHOO HOO> under 100 and counting.

We got about 6 in of snow the other day, and my hubby got a little cranky when he saw me shoveling the driveway. Come on now, I am not a wimp, and it felt great to excercise. But I succomed and let him do it. I just sat there snapping photos of my two guys in the snow.

I'll post them later.

hope you're all having a GREAT day!

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rev said...

Elizabeth, you look awesome!! and that house, wowza what a BIG house. And that kitchen, amazing. So sorry you are not getting that. But i'm sure you'll find another cool one!!


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