Friday, February 23, 2007

have the blogging days come and gone??

I just realized how inconsistant I am with updating my blog. I used to lay in bed and thoughts would come to my mind on what to blog about the next day. I used to anticipate , comments from those bloggers whom I had gotten to know via blogs or 2peas.
Funny, how it seems as if almost none of the original group of bloggers that would so reguarly comment on each others blogs are keeping up with this trendy form of communication.
I had gotten to know quite a few fun and interesting gals out there, but recently have sensed that they have become as busy as I am.
I know I have been slacking in visiting some of your blogs and checking into what is going on in your lives. I guess I kinda felt like a 'stalker' when I would read an update and comment, and then continue to hear nothing back. Its kinda like in the real world. I am not good on one sided friendships. If I sense a slight withdrawl then, I'll immediately do the same for fear that I am pushing my self into someone's life unwanted.
Kinda quirky, I guess, but I never want to be that person that just doesn't "get it". Because believe me.. I get it.. right away.
On the other hand, I do enjoy reaching out to people, being a listening ear, supporting, encouraging, laughing and being in true and honest friendships. I will always be loyal.
Perhaps, that gets me in trouble sometimes, because, I never want to be the one that bailed on a relationship. I easily forgive and forget. Nothing gets to me to worked up, so I'd rather hang on to good friendships, then toss one out because of one mishap.
All of this to say, that many of you out there who read my blog are considered wonderful, intriguing, beautiful people , but I don't want to butt myself into your lives, if I am not wanted.
By all means, let me know. I will not be offended at all.

Okay dokee... on with an update!!
Last weekend I moved everything out of Brigham's room and prepped it for painting. Got all the walls and the trim finshed. YEE HA!!
the color turned out a tad different from what I envisioned, but it will work. I went with a color called SHARK.. kinda blue-greyish.
Since the crib is moving out, Brigham's room is getting the "big boy' makeover. I am g0ing with a vintage train theme. He is so into trains, but I was not about to pull any Thomas the Train characters into the picture.
Andrew set the bed up today on his lunch hour. Since he is having a guys night out , playing poker, I can stay home and decorate and organize. Hopefully, if munchkin is not in the way.

So I picked up some navy and light blue stiped sheets at Target , (for 8 bucks on clearance). So stoked b/c it makes up for the way overpriced quilt I am getting and the baby's bedding from PBK.
This is the quilt. I think it will look really cool against the wall color.
I repainted the letters of his name in more muted colors of what the primary red, blue and yellow were.
I found a vintage train at Hobby Lobby and got some very cool prints that I am going to have framed in red.
also found a rug at Target for less than 5 bucks. WHOO HOO!!
Trying to find knobs for his closet. With his pottery barn animal nursery theme, I was able to find a lion and a tiger in matching colors, that looked so darn cute.
Been trying to find 'star' knobs in red or puter. Very hard, thus far.

Anyway, so his is coming along. Just need to order a book shelf in the same honey oak color as his headboard and then get some new curtains up.. and IT should be complete.
We are heading to Arizona in 3 weeks, and I want to have most of it done before. When I return I'll be like 5 weeks away from D-DAY>
who know what I'll feel like, and I want to be restful if I can.
This is the crib sheet and bumper that I am ordering next week.
I am actually going to turn our curtains into the dustruffle. The colors all work, and I found some really pretty shabby chic balloon curtains that I like better for our room.
I am really hoping that my vision for everything comes together.
My mom just gave me the new Talbots kids catalog. Oh my I will be getting this and this.
Luckily when I showed my mom, she said, ' I know, that is what I thought to!"

Ok, so Ash Wednesday came and went, and we had a fabulous dinner of pork chops, home made mash potatoes, salad and corn. Yep, I said Pork.
Andrew realized half way through doing the dishes. Oh well, what can you do??
Well, hopefully you are all experienceing some warmer weather. We've got a chance of thunderstorms tonight. CRAZY!!


Samuel said...

We are loving the sunny days here in Atlanta but I would love to see some snowy pictures of the blizzard! Hope you are getting excited about baby number two - only a few more weeks for me! Enjoy arizona!

Stacy said...

I just 'stumbled' upon your blog. I thought I was the only one out there who has slacked in the blogging arena lately. We all have lives & know the rest :) Great blog, BTW!


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