Tuesday, June 12, 2007

my baby girl, some girl time, and my guys!

It seems like I have not blogged in weeks, (not that many people read this thing..lol) but I hope one day to print out some random entries and then scrap about them.,so I need to keep it up!

This blogging thing is a great way to just get down thoughts about what is going on and some great little reminders bout what we're doing.

Last week, Andrew had a guys night out.

I went for a pedicure, while he watched the kids.. (still so weird to say k-i-d-S)
but I love it =)

I had a farewell dinner with my sorority. Yep after years and years, we finally voted to disband. We celebrated two members with 50 years. My mom and grandma were both members so I was initiated to this Philanthropic Sorority when I was 18.
My mom celebrated 40 years as a member. They used to do lots of projects and lots more get togethers (back in the day when women did NOT work).
Its just been tough the last 5-10 years to get members to participate.
I came in while in college, so didn't do anything with it until, the last 3 years.
I held offices each year, but was not ready to be president(which is what they were wanting.. LOL) with the addition of another child.
So we had a nice dinner and looked through memory albums and stuff.
Okay, so I now need to find something to fill my 1st Thursday of every month.. LOL!

We went on some family walks last week b/c the weather was really nice.
Never got the rain we were supposed to, so every day, I feel like I am spending hours moving and re setting the sprinklers.. so all the stuff we planted doesnt' keel over.
Our grass is still the 2nd greenest on the street.lol (guess others, don't believe in watering!)

Date night: My mom watched the kids while we shopped a bit. I know Andrew was thrilled, but I had to get some new things for this 'transition' phase.
Kohls had a great sale on some cute tops.
Without kids, we made our way in and out of Target, and Hobby Lobby fast too.
We ate dinner at Mc Alisters and then headed downtown to the Bistro for drinks.

It was such a fabulous evening , so we sat out on the patio. Andrew drank his fruity marinis, and I had Beer.
I swear our waiter laughed after we ordered. Andrew admitted he just likes the Summer breezes so well.
I was afraid to drink a martini as I have not had a sip of alcohol in about 11 months.
I am pretty sure I was loopy after half a beer!!
So we enjoyed a grown up evening, and as Andrew walked me back to the car and so gentle man like opened the door for me, there was my breast pump waiting on the seat for me!
(pretty sure he never dated a girl with a breast pump on the front seat!)

The next day, Andrew let me sleep in, and he watched the babes. I had a hair appt, which lasted way longer then I thought it would.. OOPS!!
I got a tri color foil, and cut. It was so relaxing and I feel so much better!
Last hair appt. was in Feb. Hormones did a number to the color and split ends too!
I went shopping too, and finally made it home.
Andrew and the kids were still alive! LOL

We went back out for Andrew to get some podcasting equipment, and we drove to three ice cream places searching out a choc chip cookie ice cream sandwhich!
I thought your husband was supposed to drive you around when you were pregnant and craving.. not post baby and craving!! anyway, we found it, and it was so yummy!

Seriously, I don't know what is up w/ my sweet tooth.
Within the first week of having Tatum, I lost all the weight. Fastest diet, I swear by!
And now I have just been sitting at the same number.
I thought the breast feeding would do the trick. Even though they say to eat an extra 500 calories, I was not going to.
HMMM, don't think they meant to eat another 500 calories all in sweets.
We have been so blessed by having meals brought to us, we are eating like kings.
A friend of ours organized a meal system and our church friends have been so wonderful, we have had dinner provided nearly every day for a month. We still have 3 more meals scheduled this month. I am loving collecting several new and fabulous recipes.
and everyone brings dessert.
in large quantities.
and thus, my sweet tooth is out of control.
and my daughter is gaining a love for sweets too! LOL!
speaking of daughter.. she is a chunk!!
had her ONE MONTH appt. yesterday, and she tilts the scale at 10 lbs 12 oz!
she has gained two inches too, and is 23 inches long.
I looked back in Brig's baby book, and he wasn't near either of those until his 2 month appt.
I LOVE the rolls of chubb!
Here are some recent pics -
(tatum at 2 weeks)

(tatum at 2.5 weeks)

(brig sharing a granola bar with tatum)

(Andrew's mom visiting during first week)

(Tatum at one month!)


em said...

She is beautiful! :)

Janette said...

AWE she is so cute.
WOW girl you have been busy!
hey we need to see pics of your new cut and colour!!! pretty please! I bet you are one HOT Mama! =D Have a GREAT day! HUGS!

Samuel said...

I'm glad to see another big brother wants feed his sister granola bars - I know she wants more than milk! Can't wait to see you next week Brig -


Valerie said...

She is such a cutie!! Love the pics!! Glad things are going good!! You'll have to post a pic of you and your new 'do!!

Kat said...

such a precious baby girl! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
so sorry i've been mia on your blog, for some reason my link on my blog wasn't working. i finally figured out that i can go through on your comments. weird.
anyways- she is beautiful!
oh, and dont' EVEN get me started about losing the baby weight. i'm so freakin hungry from breastfeeding i started to gain again! (long story). anyways, i'd rather be fat and giving my baby the best food then skinny and not feeding her. ya know?
anyways congrats again!!


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