Thursday, June 28, 2007

today is the day that I remember

the culmination of flirtatious dates, lazy days, lack of responsibilities, being crazy, late nights, late mornings, concerts, shopping freely, great converation, learning how to coexist, comfort in just being, able to be free, movie watching, beer drinking, laughing, being real, dreaming, sharing, loving...

FOUR Years ago, I got MARRIED....

and boy did life change!!!..well, maybe thats because 3 months into our marriage, we got pregnant!!... and so life began...

(here we are with an almost 3 year old... and 9 months preggo with #2!!)
it cetainly has been one wild ride.. and I am hanging on for more!!

(and here is #2!! )
we are dropping the kids off at my moms, and we're heading out do dinner at a fancy down town italian place, and then to a movie... hopefully Evan Almighty!!

oh, and I can't forget the breast pump... I know, how romantic!!


Andrew said...

How fun! Congrats for 4 years, good to see you can still have fun after 2 kiddos. Hope the movie went well!

Janette said...

AWE congratulations!!! love your pictures! You two look so cute together. May the Lord bless with many more long and happy years together!!!


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