Monday, June 04, 2007

update.. finally!

Here is a really fabulous slide show put together by my friend Jennifer of Tatum's first photo shoot at 10 days old!!

My friend does fantastic work, and even though she doesn't want to push her business, I have been doing it for her!!
Remember way back, when I said I knew 27 people who were pregnant from last October?? well, almost all the babes have been born!! Actually a few more preggo friends have added their names to the list and they'll be delivering by the end of the year!!

My friend Rachel had her third baby on the 25th. She had a chubby little boy, and we went to see him at one day old, and our little two week old was smaller then he was(at 9 # 4 oz)!!
Jennifer is doing a photos shoot for little Issac and his siblings today. I can't wait to see how they turn out.

I can't believe Tatum is 3 weeks old! Time is flying by.. I am treasuring each tiny moment, but since I now know what is to come, I can't wait for the next stages to hurry up and get here! Funny I know, b/c with Brigham I really relished in the moment and could stare at him sleeping for hours!
course, now I am keeping busy trying to potty train Brigham before he turns 3 in a month! so the quiet moments of me and Tatum come in the middle of the night during feedings!!
Tatum is still an angel of a baby, so we are still on the go a lot.
Brigham is adgusting fairly well, though my heart just melts when I have to put him in time out or spank him! He seems to be testing us lately for the lack of attention.
Andrew and I both have been trying to do special things with him.

we got him a pool for the back yard which he loves. I have had some of his friends over for playdates. we have gotten him several new Thomas trains to add to his collection(which keeps him very busy.. LOL). we try and have cuddle time with him on the couch. Andrew has been playing lots of puzzles with him. we have been taking nightly family walks, which he loves!

In two weeks vacation bible school starts, which I am really hoping will give him some good social time of his own.
I feel really badly when I am constricted b/c I have a kid stuck to my boob!! and can't always play with him, or get him what he wants right away.
He is certainly learning patience.
and he LOVEs to be our big helper. that is he gets the wipes, the diapers, and runs to throw the dirty diapers away. He proudly states that he is "mama's BIG HELPER"
so cute.

Today is a lazy and rainy/sunny/ muggy day so we're staying inside and doing loads of laundry.
and pottying in the toilet( brigham hopefully .. LOL)
and I am sorting thru baby gifts.
more on that in my next post , but my 3 fabulous friends threw me the most wonderful, amazing baby shower on Saturday!!
I am just overly blessed and am all giddy over all the girly things I got.
pictures to come.
oh, and pictures to come from the last few weeks too. I'll try and be better at that, to all 3 of you who read this!!
ok, thats all for now.

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heather said...

ooooo, those are so sweet..she does a great the ones on the bed with the pillows in the background.
Yep, Brigham will get used to it, but I remember feeling the way you do...they just learn to adjust...Chaz used to be obsessed with those trains too, but he's kindof over them, but we have a TON in our playroom ...may be sending some to ya...if I can get him to part with any of them..probably not..he freaks out if I say anything about giving them


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