Tuesday, September 04, 2007

has it really been two weeks??

since my last post???
seriously, how can this be? I am on my computer every day.. multiple times a day... so how is it that I can't get a post done? Anybody else feel like the thought of taking the time to blog..wait..take that back... to post on your OWN blog.. is just so overwhelming?
I LOVE to browse other people's blogs, and frankly, I get sucked in , for many minutes at a time, on the ol' web. the thought about actually sitting down, to write about my own life, seems like such a task!!
well, I am hoping this is about to change..I am hoping to be more focused. Not because our schedules are becoming nil, but in fact they are just getting more hectic.
This my friends, is where the 'old me' ,- "the organized, good with time management' me" has to re-appear =)

I took Brigham to his FIRST day of preschool today!! Ahhh, he was so proud of his new backpack, and his cubby.He was so excited on the way there.seriously, it was so cute. Do ya think he would give mom or dad a hug before we left.. NOPE, this kid could care less if we were gone. He was well in to many activites of coloring, puzzles, computer.. all in about 10 minutes!
Proud papa took the camera to work to show his buddies, so I'll have to post the pics later. However,
Here is a pic of my cutie head. this was his 3 year old picture taken in July. I can't believe how grown up he is getting.. sniff sniff.

So , I guess its a good thing I have one of these... isn't she cute. Ok, I am biased, but I totally think this is the sweetest picture ever! My friend Jennifer took like 400 for her 3 month shoot. I can NOT wait to start scrapping them!!

(you can see more of Tatum's baby shoot if you click on Jennifer's link to the right)

We had a funfilled weekend and boy am I in need of a nap this afternoon!!
We had dinner with friends on Friday night.. it was a mexican theme and we played mexican train dominoes. very fun game, that we had not ever played before!
Saturday, we did tons of yard work and then went to dinner with friends. of course these are our friends, where every dinner out is followed by ice cream. So we hit the DQ. the kids ran around the patio, and we talked for ever. The weather was so nice, almost needed light jackets. I just love the fall weather on the horizon!

Our little babies had to wrapped up in blankets, so their piggies didn't freeze!!
speaking of I just orderd the CUTEST little socks for Tatum. I'll have to share what they look like when the package arrives!
Sunday we went to the Morman church. However we had to leave after the first service, b/c Brigham peed his pants, and we had no other clothes. lovely.
We will have our 5th meeting with the Morman missionaries this week.
its going really well.
I'd love to share with you about this.. but please email me at elizabethla@yahoo.com
if you want to know more or have any questions. =)

Yesterday, we(ok, I) organized a big labor day picnic at the park. It was so much fun! We had over 30 friends from our church there, and lots of kids. Besides the park equipment, we brought lots of other games, etc for the kids. I was so amazed that there was not one fight!

everyone had so much fun!!

several of the Man-boys created a frisbee golf course in the open field.
we had some really yummy food. Thanks to everyone who shared food, and for our hired grillmaster!! LOL
A few of the kids started preschool also today, so we were all hopeful that after a few hours of running around, they would be tired enough to sleep well!
Brigham did crash, and got up rather easily this morning. we all made it out the door. IN TIME!! praise the Lord!! LOL
like I said , I think the schedule thing will be good, when I got home from dropping him off, I was able to check emails, check the 2peas gallery, read some scripture, and clean the dining room and kitchen.YAY!!!
now if I could just sqeeze in exercise in too, I'd be happy.
I can't wait to hear how his first day went.
hope you all are having a great start to the week!


AmyG said...

Good to hear from ya! Those pics of your kiddos are absolutely beautiful! Bet you're excited to scrap them! Anyways...I'm finally getting into the groove with our new schedule. I'm like you...my overly organized side pops back out and I've got it under control!
Great to hear from ya! Talk to ya soon.....

Ronda said...

OMG! Its been forver since you posted!! Glad your back! I'm coping ok with the kids being gone. There have been other things going to keep me occupied. Anyway.....Precious, PRECIOUS photos of your babies!!! LOVE'em!

rev said...

totally know about the get-suck-into-the-web-thing, but you know what? just turn the thing off. yep. turn it off. go scrapping (that's what i do). and when i turn it on, give yourself like 30 minutes to read emails and important stuff. turn it off again. seriously you will have more time :) (just kidding, but it works for me!)

those pics are gorgeous Elizabeth! your babies are soo cute!!


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