Monday, September 24, 2007

holy moly !!!

It has been two weeks since I last posted on this thing!!!

We're into full schedules, except Wednesdays, where we don't have anything and anywhere we have to be... so we usually sleep in, and then have a playdate or a lunchdate with friends.

Last week, I watched a little boy , Brigham's age, so that his mom and new baby of 2 weeks old, get have some peace and quiet!! The boys played beautifully together, and actually, I always manage to get more done, while Brigham has friends over, plus it tires him out, and he sleeps reeeeeely well =) gotta love that!

Brigham is loving pre-school. He is doing very well. The teacher even came down to my bible study room, last Thursday to tell me how he is recognizing the other children's names on the nametags, and how he really knows phonics. yep, my kid is a nerd. throw him in the middle of a toy store, and he'll find a book, and completely zone out to anything else!!
Ok, I am exaggerating , just a tad, but seriously , the boy loves to read and write. He is spelling and writing out his name, and mommy and daddy, and grandma, and grandpa and Tatum.

He is always sooo proud, when he has written something. even though it ususally takes the entire page to write a word...(maybe thats why kindergarten paper has those BIG ol' lines???? )

anway, he's having fun, and we're excited that he is doing so well.

oh, and he is not a complete nerd.. he does have great social skills too, and the teacher says he always compliments the other kids on the coloring. He is very thoughtful, and plays really well with others. OHHHHHH the social aspect...good at times, and then at other times ... not so much.

like yesterday, when we were at church for Tatum's baptism.

He looked all dapper in his seer sucker striped suit and little saddle shoes.

He was very proud to be up there on stage with his little sister. Perhaps a bit too much.

He talked, and talked, and squirmed... and yelled out to my cousin, sitting in the second pew.

And then said hi repeatedly to his little friend Isabelle, (whose brother born 6 weeks after Tatum was getting baptised as well).

In our pictures you can definately tell, Andrew's and I's frustration with Brigham.

We scooted out of church after the ceremony so we could get home to cook. We were having 35 people over to celebrate with us, and I had to get the casseroles and stuff in the oven.

I know we shouldn't have gotten so mad at Brigham, and especially, after everyone said how cute he was, and how they didn't hear a thing....

so needless to say, mommy and daddy were doing some serious apologizing and giving hugs and kisses (and a few pieces of chocolate) to our sweet little guy that night.

Well the guest of honor slept thru most of our celebration brunch, which was fine, b/c there were so many kids running around causing mahem, and it was nice to be able to sit and chat with our friends and family. I was so glad that my grandma, aunt and cousin were able to make it. Family is becoming more and more important to me as I get older.
Here is Tatum in her gown.. that her brother wore, and that I wore. My grandma on my mom's side made it for me 32 years ago... still so sweet and precious..

And last night, Andrew tried doing a photo shoot of me and the kids. I have a 'motherhood' page all worked up in my head...
Ya know you're a true scrapbooker, when you take the pictures just so you can do a page!! LOL
last night we went out for dinner and since we were across town, and I had my camera, I made Andrew drive me past some different storefronts, so I could snap pics of the signs!!
I have been wanting to do a page for Brig's book, on 'the places we go'.
Just got the latest kit from scrapbook obsessions and it is so gorgeous.... I am going to a crop til you drop this weekend, so I'm psyched to get a TON done!
Well, I hope you are all having a great start to the week. I hope to post some of my recent pages on my next post.


Ronda said...

awwww how precious are those photos!!! Pretty neat that gown has been passed down for so long. Oh, by the way, cant wait to see your recent LO's!!!!

Janette said...

Oh Elizabeth that gown is gorgeous. So nice that you have that to use for your kids. I used a gown my aunt made for her kids for our girls baptism.

Those pictures are so sweet and cute. Love how big and brown your eyes look next to their bright blue eyes. Does you hubby have blue eyes? I forget. He must.

Brigham sound like such a smart and cute little guy. You must be very proud. Have a great day! Hugs.

AmyG said...

Hey, girlie!!! glad to hear from ya! Great pics as usual! Your kiddos are simply gorgeous! Beautiful gown too...what a priceless treasure!
Can't wait to see your new LOs!


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