Thursday, October 04, 2007

home parties,first solids,sickboy and a summery fall

Yep, the time once again has rolled around for the abundance of home parties.

Seriously, before I had Brigham and joined Moms groups, I had no idea this phenomenom existed.

While they are a fun girls night out, they are not so fun for the ol' check book!! EEEK!

but I figure, I might as well buy it from my friends who are trying to earn a little extra as stay at home mamas. and of course, because I absolutely need the new stuff!!! yeah, right.. says my husband!!

I just had a party on Monday night for a friend starting out the biz of INITIALS, INC -

Oh, my gosh, is this stuff the cutest ever!! I am closing my party tomorrow, so any of you readers want to check it out, you'll have the sassiest purse on the block!! LOL

and then last week I went to a trunk show for a children's boutique. I never knew they had home paries for kids clothes.. geeesh.... it is so NOT a good thing!!

I got three invitations in the mail the same week.. the above, and then MATILDA JANE, and RAGSLAnD kids.

all three have such adorable , unique, clothes.... . My kids need more clothes, like I need more shoes!!, but its so hard to resist.. especially, when Grandma sees it..lucky for me than my check book gets to have a rest!! LOL

I have a Mary Kay show planned for this month, and I have had two invites for Pampered Chef.

I sure am hoping this trend continues in my favor!!! I am trying to really work my SILPADA business this fall. I have four shows booked for this month, so hopefully more will book of those =)...oh, yeah, and if any of you readers want to help out this stay at home mama...check out my website =)


OH yes, my baby tried her first solids yesterday!!! and it came in the form of a paper napkin!

we were at the park with some friends, I was eating, and gabbing, and must have had my napkin to close to her hands(that grab everything these days) and when I looked down, I had a very soggy napkin.

And she smiled as chunks covered her tongue and ran down her chin! where was my camera!! LOL

at least she added some fiber to her all milk diet.


my poor little guy,had his first sick day today. This is the kid who never gets sick. Last night he had a fever and we gave him cool bath and some 'medsin' , as he calls it, and it still didn't break.
He slept thru the night, and woke up at 7am. He was still hot, so I let him sleep longer. He didn't wake until after noon!! He still had a slight fever but it had come down a bit.

He actually ate two helpings of mac and cheese and some apples and pinapple juice, but he still is pretty mopey. I felt so bad calling into the school, but I am sure this is just the beginning of the sick season =/

*****speaking of seasons.... where the heck is the fall weather?? we went to a dinner at friends over the weekend, and they served chili and smores around a firepit. sounds perfect for the end of Sept/beginning of Oct, right? Except that it had been 90 degrees that day!! don't get me wrong, it still tasted great, and actually did cool down a tad around 8pm!!

yikes, it has been in the mid 80's everyday this week! The leaves are changing, my decor has been out for two weeks, football is in full swing, and I am dying to wear my fall clothes. My poor jean jacket is getting a work out lately. Its the one transition piece that has become my staple. I can wear tanks underneath, so its not so hot, but I am ready to break out my darker colors and oh, the fall colors for my nails and toes too!! its just not right to combine all that with the hot temps. UGH.

I do believe Fall is one of my favorite times... that is until the Christmas season starts..and then the flowers bloom, ok, so I like it all. Maybe thats why I am still in the midwest?

Here is some of my home all decked out. I love sitting on the couch at night , with the pumpkin spice candle burning. See the plate? I made it. This was our first craft for MOPS. I love how it turned out, not bad for a good will plate?


Janette said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I have a pumpkin spice candle in my house and I love burning it. It smells so yummy. I made pumpkin muffins while cooking dinner tonight. I can't wait to try them tonight with hubby when we have our tea tonight.

Autumn is my favourite time of year too. It's also been very warm here last week and this week. This afternoon it finally started to cool off. I hope it stays cool. We have Thanksgiving here in Canada on Monday.

Sounds like you are keeping very busy with all those parties and your cute little children. Take care. Hugssss!

rev said...

love how you've decorated your house! gorgeous girl. missing pics of the kids :)


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