Tuesday, October 30, 2007

a purdue homecoming & a rainy trick or treat

We went trick or treating for the third year in our little downtown . Very fun. a tad wet, although we never really got wet, due to the building coverage. The quaint streets were tainted with ghosts, and goblins and even Spiderman was going from storefront to storefront to collect candy. Brigham had so much fun, and Tatum(dressed in her costume) slept in the stroller the entire time!! So here is a peek. I just love this photo I captured of Andrew and Brigham. We're all set for some big time trick or treating tomorrow night!!

Here is a replica of the 'moon prints' leading up to the new Neil Armstrong Engineering building. The dedication was Friday night, and we got to go inside and check it out. Complete w/ moon rocks, and a capsule hung from the ceiling. Its a very cool bldg design as well, but I didn't get a pic of it!!

Brigham after the game, intensley watching the band as it marches by. He has informed us that he wants to be in the band. He was playing his 'air trombone' and having a blast. We never even told him how to, he just saw it and mimiked it. gotta love it.

(though Andrew is trying to sway him into playing football instead of the band...)

Here is the statue of the boyish Neil Armstrong as he looked during his Freshman year of campus.

the band getting it on to 'SHOUT'

put your hands up and 'shout'... Brigham never missed a beat!!

Boiler UP!!

proudly showing off his Purdue Pete with the hammer down on the ground.(the phrase he told everyone as he pointed to his cheek!)

the family =)

the weather was better than we expected, and so we took both kiddos with us to the homecoming festivities and the game.

this was the first year...that we did NOT leave early!!

Brigham had a blast. Tatum was snug as a bug the whole time. She took two naps in the snugli, and nursed during the first half of the game. what a trooper!!

wishing you a haunting good time and a safe Halloween tomorrow! I'll be back with pictures later this week!!


Janette said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I just loving seeing your pictures on your blog. Brigham and Tatum are soooo cute. kids grow up way too fast. :)

That's so awesome you were able to have both kids at the game. WOW not bad having a baby sleeping for most of the game. You are a lucky girl!

Have a GREAT day! Hugs!

heather said...

Looks like a great time! Love Brigham's colorful little outfit...college games are so fun..I've only been to one..sad, I know! Can't wait to see your t&ting pics!


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