Tuesday, November 06, 2007

the lion and the lamb

finally getting my halloween pics up. ughh. I have 3 different photo editing software programs.. and they all take FOR-EVER to do.

I usually just wait and edit my pics thru Walgreen's .com before I order them online.

works for me.

I have been trying to organizing my pics little by little as well.... will it ever end???

scrapped a little in the last week.

we had a great time with our friends on Sat night...smores and hot dogs and a bonfire.. and of course some drinks.. (a few of us had a few too many!!). we had so much fun just hanging out, maybe we'll get one more nice night before it gets too cold, to do it again. we'll bring the FUN drinks this time =)

Sunday we had our sunday school lesson on Families of Faith. very cool class. and fabulous book study. We were supposed to go to Morman church (but that would have been 4 hours of church for us!!! =/)

so we decided to stay for our worship service. so glad we did. it was a great sermon.

Sunday afternoon we went to some friends house to watch the BIG game.

Colts vs. Patriots.

We had our token cheerleader dressed in blue!! (though none of us were actually that big of Colts fans.. but since we live in In... we have to try)

Cleaning the house today. baking a chocolate molten cake for dessert. I am hosting my girls group tonight. Hopefully it turns out. I was wanting something more fall-ish, but nothing was sounding that great. so chocolate it is!

hope you're all having a great weeK!


AmyG said...

awwwwww!!!More adorable pics of your babies!!! Thay are precious!! That chocolate cake sounds yummy....can you e-mail me a piece to Texas??!!LOL Have a blessed week, girlie!!

Janette said...

Your kids are so cute and adorable! Glad you had a fun time!
WOW I'm glad you live far away or I would be there eating cake all the time! =D


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