Wednesday, April 30, 2008

a visitor, a doctor,and a garden party

as I was half awake, but reluctantly getting out from under my warm covers, because I had a very unexpected visit by my long lost aunt flo, and it was NOT an invitation sent, kind of visit.

didn't start the morning off well.. but I could hear the cartoons on in the living room. my adorable son, who quietly gets up around 8:30 each morning, and helps himself to a granola bar and juice that (daddy has set on the kitchen table, prior to leaving for work) was quite content.

I would say that this was an abnormality.. but alas.. it is not.
Yep, my kid wakes up before me everyday. and quietly entertains himself for about and hour before my alarm clock(his sister) starts to mutter her entrance into the morning.

God certainly knew what he was doing when I created my kids with extra sleeping capacity.

Back to my bed.. as I was debating whether to get up and take a shower before lil sis wakes up, I was greeted with a smiley face on the side of my bed.

"mama , are you sick?"

no, not reallly.

"mama, do you feel icky?"

well, kinda, yeah.

" I can go get you some yogurt. that will make you feel better"

me laughing

"really, I can go get it all by myself. I can get you a spoon too"

no, you don't have to

" well, do you want some medcin, medcin will make you feel better?"

no, thats ok, brigham

"do you want some water. if you're sick, then water will make you feel better"

(at this point, I am thinkin I should just let the doctor take care of !!)

ok, you can bring me some water

so, as I lie in my bed I can hear the little dude, put his little stool up to the bathroom sink, and then he proceeds to set a little CARS cup on my bedside table.


totally made my day. but yeah, still pretty ticked that I have to deal with an unwelcome house guest today.!! ugh.

I have been busy making chicken enchilladas and fried ice cream for our Lifegroups party tonight.

bet you can't guess what theme I went with for tonight.

let the margharitas start flowing.....mmmmm.

I'll leave you with my invitations for Tatum's party next weekend.
went with a garden theme! so last weekend I planted the heck out of my pots, so they'll all be busting with color, since my yard is not yet(other than tulips right now).
the flower are tucked inside the pots, and then you pull them out to read the party info. I used 'garden-ish' wording, so you'll have to click to make the pictures bigger to read.found those little making memories brads which will definately be used on her party LO.!
I have been collecting for months (yes, I started planning when she was 6 months!!) flowers, and pots, and watering cans, and butterflies, and dragonflies, and bumblebees, and caterpillars, and lady bugs. I just picked up the cutest little toddler gardening back with tools at Target the other day. The colors are all bright, but mostly hot pink, bright green, yellow and orange.
I found fabric that I am going to make into table cloths. and the coolest dragonfly pinata that will be fluttering around outside!
Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby has been putting their garden stuff on 50% off(when do they not, though) and I have collected some decor there too.
and the little girl will be dressed for her party in this, and I have a cute little green dragonfly bow , that my mom got her on our Ga trip.
I've had this in my head for so long, I can not wait to see it all come together.
I can't wait to see my still toothless sweetiepie did into her cake!!
well, I am off to prep for our fiesta tonight. Andrew's graduation is this weekend, so I am baking a cake for him. His parents are coming on Friday afternoon. Brigham is beyond excited. Two visits in just over a month! very fun.
hope you are all having a good week. half way thru.. Whoooo hoooo!!


~Kim said...

Fun party! You are going to have a blast....try to remember to take a break and look at all your hard work. It's not worth it if you stay stressed throughout the party!

Adorable outfit. Can't wait to see pictures!


Lisa Dickinson said...

Oh yeah, forget the Midol and Pamprin - go straight to the margaritas! :) Love your invites and I'm sure the party will be a huge success!

Melanie said...

Your son is a sweetie. Sorry to hear about Aunt Flo, she just left this house. Lol

Tatum's party sounds so sweet. Don't forget to get photos to share...

Janette said...

Awe Brigham is sooooooooo cute and ever so sweet. What a wonderful doctor. =)

I know all about Aunt flow. She comes by here too often and stays much too long. GRRRRR! What's up with that? LOL

That garden / birthday party sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see pictures!


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