Friday, April 25, 2008

back to the ol' grind

Seriously. we totally had an awesome time away on our little mini vaca to the south!
almost all the family came in for it. it was an awesome celebration to witness the strenghth , patience and love between my grandparents. SIXTY FIVE YEARS!!! thats a long time!

The kids did fantastic on the drive. they both took their naps with no problem. Brigham was completely occupied with the many, many car games that my mom printed off here

Brigham even went on a bear hunt in the backseat!!( remember that old camp song?)

It brought back memories of all the stuff my brother and I did on long car rides.

I had hoped to meet up with Heather who lives just 45 min away from the gardens. and also my dear friend Jop who moved away to GA 2 years ago. Time just wasn't on my side, and there was lots of family time that needed to happen.
Sorry girls. hopefully this summer , we'll be back down that way!

But now its back to reality. Loads of laundry. getting up early to get to preschool and gymnastics.and I busily tried to get Tatum's party invitations out in the mail.


I can't believe in 3 weeks my baby girl will be ONE! I'll post pics of them next time.Not everyone has received them yet.

Luckily, spring followed us home from Georgia! My tulips are blooming. Second wave of daffodils, and my hyacinths have popped to make my yard look fabulous.

This weekend I am planting all my pots. and probably getting a few things in the ground. Indiana weather is a little tricky to garden with.. you never know when that last freeze will hit ya!

I haven't edited the trip pics, yet(they're not even off my but here are some pics that I have been meaning to share..

here is the master bedroom / office now:

my little cottage retreat ! I love my frames above the bed. they are wedding pics that I bordered with some melissa francis paper.

and here are some pics of the kids from a couple weeks ago:

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! We've got lots on the to-do list as we prep for Andrew's graduation and Tatum's party!!, but hopefully we'll get a chance to enjoy a nice frothy beverage and relax a bit!


Kat said...

such cute pictures! both of them are getting sooooo big!

Melanie said...

Your children are adorable. Welcome home, it sounds like you had a fun time.

Your cottage retreat room looks wonderful, love the wedding frames.

Mel from Scrap Friendzy.

*~Niki G~* said...

I like your room/office, very pretty! Brig looks so big in those pictures!! They are both growing fast.

Valerie said...

Glad you had a good trip!! Love the pics!! They seem to get bigger every time you pot a new pic!!


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