Wednesday, April 02, 2008

do you hurt like Jesus?

don't think this is going to be some profound spirtual post..... its just theology based on a 3 year old's
So Andrew has been vamping up his workouts, and moved on to lifting weights over the weekend! A buddy of his who used to play pro-baseball worked up a lil' schedule for him.....

needless to say that after busting it out on Sat. and Monday.... my poor hubby came home from work yesterday.. in quite a state!!

He slowly walked into the living room, and then slowly lowered himself into our recliner...all the while grimising in pain.... about 2.4 seconds later, a 3 year old boy full of energy-because mama let him devour candy all day- who just wants to embrace his favorite person in the whole wide world- LEAPS onto daddy's lap.

I think our neighbors could hear the screams of agony, as the squirmy lil boy continued to maul at his father!!lol

Andrew calmly, said "Brig, get down.. daddy doesn't feel good"

"Brigham seriously, daddy's arms and neck and shoulders are in a lot of pain"

and Brig replied " are you as hurt as Jesus was when the bad people put him on the cross to died?

Andrew: " well, I suppose Jesus was in a little more pain "

and so after I gave my hubby some time to rest, I begged him to hang my new shabby chic curtain rod and curtains in Tatum's NEW nursery!!

WHOOOO HOOO.. like the girl is only going to be 11 months in a couple weeks, and she's finally getting her own room!!

We painted it over the weekend, and I have been shoppping like mad to pick up garden-ish and shabby chic kinda things to go in it!

I can't wait til' its finished.

Oh, yeah, and remember the insane moving of the office we did , um the day before Easter?.... well, its finished too!! I LOVE my new space.

As soon as I get the pics off my cam, I'll post some.

Also, I have been learning lots with my RXT baby... and have mastered a few things in photoshop..

I hope to have some pics to share with you all soon too!

Here are some pages I whipped up for the challenges over at SCRAPFRIENDZY.

thanks for checking out my pages!

have a great day =)


Ronda said...

Cute story! Congrats on your new spaces! I know it must feel good to cross things off your "to-do" list! Love all the work you did for Scrapfriendzy, and speaking of....go on over...I have a suprise for you!!

Rita said...

awww. Lift those weights!! I miss you Elizabeth :)

Janette said...

AWE your poor hubby! Love those layouts! Oh so cute. I can't wait to see your new pics of your rooms. =)
Enjoy your day and have fun with that camera!

Jennifer said...

that is the funniest story. I can just see Brigham getting all serious and saying that. too funny!

Can't wait to see pics of the new room! - or to see it in person :-)

Lisa Dickinson said...

love that story - needs to be a layout, for sure!

and the pages are so good - you are rockin, girl!

can't wait to see photo of the new rooms - post soon! :)


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