Thursday, June 05, 2008

I would be a monkey

yep. tonight at lifegroup we had to describe our week based on what kind of animal we would be.

and I would be a monkey. swinging from tree to tree to tree to tree , every so often stopping to clean another's hiney. and yet not really accomplishing anything!

been overloaded with laundry and trying to sort thru the kids winter clothes and figuring out where to put the masses of summer clothes. geesh, having a girl is just torture on the resist-to-buy-adorable-tiny-people-clothes.!! seriously!!

and then I always feel guilty for buying Tatum stuff, so I have to turn around and find stuff for brig. which is a tad more difficult. boy stuff is so boring!!

luckily its we've been in a monsoon we've not been missing out on outdoor play. my stomach has pretty much been in my throat every night as the dumb tornado sirens go off. nothing freaks me out more than bad weather like that.

we had like 12 actually touch down in IN over the last few days. so scary, but I don't think there were any ppl hurt, just tons of property damage.

that will be the first Question I ask the big guy when I get to heaven. "what exactly is the purpose for tornadoes?". I understand the wind to move seeds, and the rain to make them grow. but hail? and cyclones? and 140 mile/hour winds? no thanks.

I've also been trying to learn more about my camera.. And so I've been addicted to msg boards as I soak in all the info from photo gurus. I bet I have taken close to 800 pics this week!! ahhhhh. my hard drive !! EEEK!

I rented a lens over memorial day weekend and LOVED it! last night Andrew was online researching different ones for me, and then I'd run to the boards, and get feedback.

so by the end of the week I should be ordering a 50mm 1.4 and a 70-300mm.

I took some pics of my friends kids last weekend and they were really pleased. I am taking some of another friends kids tomorrow. hopefully it goes well. I am loving having fresh new faces to practice on!

with miss T on the move, and Brigham just acting ornery.... its a bit trying to say the least!!LOL

I also became susie homeaker and baked a pie! from scratch.. crust and all!! EESH!

we had some rhubarb from our vegi co-op.. and so I made a pie.

we also get eggs from vegi co-op... they are fabulous!!

and here is the pie when it was nice and warm right out of the oven...

and then I got a little zealous, and attempted at achieving martha status.. and made another pie today. a vanilla custard pie.
sorry no pictures. it went to the neighbors.

I've also been scrapping like crazy.. trying to keep up with challenges at simply obsessed and over at scrapfriendzy. THey have really been a ton of fun, and i've been able to bust thru my stack of pictures... bummer is that we just got a new photo scanner/printer, and I can't figure it out right to stich my pages to post!!

I am hoping to get some of these projects completed in the next couple days. I just hate having things hanging over my head...

well, we've got play dates the next two days, so hopefully that will allow for the kids to schedule naps , and then I'll get some time to focus!
Tatum is down to one nap and its not the same time as Brig.. very frustrating.
but they both sleep in past 9:30, so I can't complain!!

hope you're having a great week... we're half way thru, thank goodness!!


Ronda S. said...

Hey girl!!
Lots going on your way! I know how it is. Your pies look yummy!! Wished I lived close by!! Hope you guys stay safe from the tornadoes. Storms like that are NOT fun. Have a great weekend! :)

Lisa Dickinson said...

so when are you bringing me a pie? :) I love rhubarb!

Janette said...

Hello E,

I hope you got my email with my new email address.

You are goign to love your 50MM 1.4 lens. I loveeee mine. I have the 70-300mm lens too but I love my 28-135mm IS USM Lens! I use it the most. =)

That pie sure looks yummy!!! I have to stay far, far away from sweets. I am diabetic. So I don't even keep stuff in the house to bake any longer. Only lots of fruits and veggies are going in my tummy. ;) And meant and Dairy and whole grains. Now I find fruit VERY sweet that I don't have any sugar any long. As long as I keep bake good out of the house it's out of sight and then out of mind! ;)

Have a GREAT weekend.


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