Friday, February 27, 2009

quick update... somethings never happen as planned..
like posting.. lol
I have been super busy working on some things and running here and there.. finally yesterday, I decided, gosh darn it it was time for me to sit down and blog.
well.. got my pics ready.. had everything ready to go and then of course life happened!!

and last night around 2am, I was awakened to the sound of Brigham getting sick. Bless his little heart he had woken up and went into the bathroom and preceded to throw up. all by himself, without, even alerting us.
I nudged Andrew and he went in to help.. though the kid didn't want any help.
He came back in and slept in a sleeping bag on our floor. smart kid.
he knows we don't like an extra person in the bed.(something we have never allowed, unless extreme circumstances.)
I experienced one of the proudest moments as a mom. seriously. I can't believe that he just woke up, and took care of it all by himself. not making a single bit of mess. He definitely gets a major treat later.
and then about an hour later, Andrew was up . I kinda heard him in the bathroom, and then some groaning, and then he was pacing in and out of the bedroom.
Finally I asked him what was wrong and he said he had bad heartburn.. gas like issues. He had taken tums, gas-x and forced down my suggestion of warm milk.. lol.
well, after nearly two hours of him getting up and down, and being completely miserable, I sent him to the ER around 5:30am.
I managed to finally get back to sleep, as were both kids.. when the phone rang.
He called to say it was a kidney stone. Holy cow! no wonder the poor guy was in pain.
He was pretty hopped up on narcs, so I had to pile the kids in the car and go get him..
Of course then, we had to run around to two different pharmacy's to get his scripts filled.
So by 10:30 am we were back home, and luckily he was able to get some sleep.
That has been our last several hours..
funny, thing is that we had a get a way planned to leave late this afternoon, and Andrew was just going to call in sick , so that maybe we could leave earlier.
guess God is making sure he really was sick!! LOL
that God.. such a funny dude.
so anyway, now we're prepping to head to Indianapolis. Andrew should really have a blast, as he will be hopped up pretty badly on some heavy meds! ( I am going to take notes of the funny things he says..=P)
the rest of us are going to hang out as the pool, find a good restaurant, and then we'll go to the children's museum on Saturday.

hope you all enjoy your weekend. I'll update soon!
oh, and if you're of the praying type... please pray that Andrew passes this stone very soon.


Emily said...

Shew! Remind Andrew as he is passing the stones that it is the closest thing to birthing a baby that he will ever experience. Seriously though, I do hope all goes well. You know we've been dealing with a house full of sickos. It is no fun. Hang in there and enjoy the weekend.

Heather said...

Wow, what drama..and you're going to go out of town? Hope you guys have a good time and Andrew does ok...I've taken care of grown men crying with kidney stones before in the hospital.

Awww, on Brigham..big guy...

Nicole said...

Oh no - hope Andrew is well by now. And hope you enjoyed your time here in Indy!


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