Thursday, February 19, 2009

my new do and the belly

well, I had an appt to get my hair highlighted on Valentine's day. Decided to surprise Andrew with a little 'theme' for the special romantic evening we had planned.. lol But, I did add some pink to my hair.. and I am LOVING it!!! seriously it is so much fun. Its kinda subtle the way I have my hair done here, but I can flip it out, and it looks pretty fiesty!

The rest of my hair got "blondified".. it actually looks a tad more redish here, but that is just the lighting in my 'studio' .. !! haaaha. I was actually inspired to funk my hair up a bit, by the gorgeous Lisa D... who has dawned shades of both pink and blue! I am actually thinking about purple for the next go around.. we shall see.. Andrew loves my rockstar hair !
and the bump !

so here I am at almost 23 weeks along... starting to pooch out a tad now.. though I still just feel in the chubby stage!
I did however have a mom at Pre K, come up to me yesterday with her hands outstretched , assuming the position, to cop a feel of the belly.
(does that make anyone else uncomfortable???)

Stats: I have gained about 8 lbs so far...
-totally craving diet dr. pepper.. like in a 6 per day consumption craving...
-salty snacks like cheezy crackers or Cheeze flavored Chexmix
-loving ice cream at night, (and who am I kidding.. enjoying a heath icecream bar in the afternoons!)
-anything and everything is giving me heartburn.. so I pretty much just eat what I want. and deal later. ugh. Tums are my best friend...
-went thru a 2 week spell, of eating Italian a- LOT.
-done with the nausea.. thank goodness... unless I am in the vacinity of a poopy diaper.. than I almost always puke.
-feeling more energy at night, but almost always having to take a nap when the kids do
-finding it more difficult to carry Tatum around(even though she's a mere 24lbs)!
-enjoying the constant reminders of the amazing little person growing inside me, as he/she practices karate moves

and I did some other fun poses for Andrew for his Valentine's day gift.... you can check them out here. You'll need to scroll up and click on the 'his gift' link to see them =)
See , told you, getting pink hair is loads of fun!!!!

well, I am off to edit from a photoshoot this morning and then attempt to throw something together for dinner... oh, yeah.. and shop for a new car.(but that's a whole 'nother post =P )


Emily said...

Very cute post . . . I haven't gained much weight either but I had more to start with this time around! LOL You look great and I'm so looking forward to having babies at about the same time! (another set of playmates)

Brandi said...

Love the hair! I want pink in mine but I'm afraid Jason would have a stroke! LOL!

Yeah--anyone that comes at me trying to feel my belly will get punched! LOL! Those that know me, know this. Those that don't learn really fast! LOL!

Heather Crawford said...

Girl, you are off the hook! Love the pink hair..too cute and fun..and can we talk about those pictures?!

lisa dickinson said...

eek - you look waaay too cute! and only 8 pounds? holy cow girl! that's incredible! now go eat some pringles! :P

Nicole said...

You look fantastic! And what sweet photos! :-) Enjoy this amazing and special time in your life... It goes by SOOOOOO fast!

Nicole said...

Wow Elizabeth - you look fantastic! You look adorable pregnant! What neat photos... Enjoy this special time in your life - it goes by SOOOOOOOOO fast! Hey, are you going to Hearts at Home? :-)

Rita Weiss said...

Awesome edgy haircut! ..and great preg are a cutie pie xo

Andrew said...

How'd I get such a hot wife!? Don't forget to do you're homework this week.

Anonymous said...

I love your pregnant pics, you look wonderful!


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